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Power Pulse Exhaust
Mazda 2

Part Number: 77200

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Power Pulse Exhaust
Mazda 2

Racing Beat Mazda 2 Exhaust
Mazda 2 Exhaust (All models) - Racing Beat offers our famous Power Pulse muffler for the Mazda 2 application. Our exhaust components have been praised by Mazda enthusiasts for over 40 years for their outstanding combination of sound and performance. For the Mazda 2 application our engineering team absolutely nailed the exhaust tone this muffler produces! Whether under acceleration or at cruising speeds this Power Pulse Mazda 2 exhaust emits a deep, baritone exhaust note, without any hints of harshness or buzzy tones.

Although our preference would be to design a complete "cat-back" type exhaust system, the original configuration of the stock Mazda 2 exhaust system prevents an easy installation of this type of system. As has become increasingly common with many of Mazda's exhaust systems, the catalytic converter is now being permanently attached to the mid-pipe tubing section. These mid-pipe sections commonly run the length of the vehicle, from the outlet exhaust manifold back to the muffler section, and do not offer a flanged connection after the catalytic converter unit. Installation of a "cat-back" exhaust system on the Mazda 2 would require the mid-pipe section to be cut, and the new exhaust system "slipped" into place over the cut tubing. For this reason Racing Beat has decided to offer a easy-to-install axle-back muffler section only.

Produced entirely using 304 stainless steel components, the Power Pulse Mazda 2 exhaust is stunning upgrade to any vehicle! To ensure optimal exhaust gas sealing qualities, the Power Pulse muffler includes a Mazda OEM inlet flange specifically designed to mate with the mid-pipe outlet flange. Designed to fit onto the stock mounting hangers, each muffler comes complete with mounting hardware and a replacement gasket.

Customer Review:

Here's one of the first  YouTube reviews of the Racing Beat Mazda 2 Exhaust:

"Bought this muffler two weeks ago. Installed it in the parking lot in about 15 mins. That's Racing Beat quality! (Didn't even have to jack the car up) This muffler is extremely well built and sounds even better then the video. You have to hear it to believe it. This is my second Racing Beat muffler I have owned. (other one was a Mazda Rx-7 1984) And it is just as good in quality if not better. Good job on this muffler guys. Once again you have excelled at making a great product and thanks!"

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