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Sway Bar - Front
2010-13 Mazda 2

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Sway Bar - Front
2010-13 Mazda 2

Racing Beat Front Sway Bar for the Mazda 2 - Racing Beat-designed sway bars for the Mazda 2 reduce chassis roll during cornering and increases your car's sensitivity to steering inputs, thereby improving maximum cornering power. Substantial engineering effort, select steel alloys, and precise heat-treating processes are combined to produce top performance components. All Racing Beat sway bars are finished with a distinctive, red powder coating that provides a smooth, glossy protective layer. You can be assured of many years of superior handling performance with these proven bars!

The diameter of the Racing Beat Mazda 2 front sway bar is 1" OD (25.5mm), as compared to the stock .748" OD (19mm) Mazda 2 front way bar and is 3.19 times stiffer than the stock sway bar. An additional feature of the front sway bar is a pair of OEM style "stoppers" to prevent the bar from sliding sideways in the bar bushings during heavy cornering effort. Each bar is supplied with replacement urethane bushings, bar clamps, Prothane grease and installation instructions.

When paired with the Racing Beat rear sway for the Mazda 2, an immediate and noticable improvement in handling and cornering speeds will be realized! Take our word for it, adding a set of sway bars to your Mazda 2 is a sure bet upgrade to dramatically improve the fun-factor of your car!


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