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Sway Bar - Rear
2010-13 Mazda 2

Part Number: 77101

Price: $195.00


Sway Bar - Rear - 2010-13 Mazda 2 - Detail 1Sway Bar - Rear - 2010-13 Mazda 2 - Detail 2

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Sway Bar - Rear
2010-13 Mazda 2

Racing Beat Mazda 2 Rear Sway Bar - Racing Beat offers this tubular Mazda 2 rear sway bar as a compliment bar for our front sway bar. Although the Mazda 2 is not fitted from the factory with a traditional rear sway bar, Racing Beat has designed an effective and easy-to-install way to improve the stiffness of the rear torsion beam axle - providing a dramatic improvement in handling performance!

Produced from 1.5" OD tubular steel tubing and utilziing laser-cut mounting flanges, this Mazda 2 rear sway bar is manufactured completely in-house by Racing Beat. The bar attaches to the axle using a total of four 304-stainless mounting clamps for a secure fitment. Finished with our distinct powder-coat red finish, this rear sway has been designed to offer years of performance enjoyment. Easy access to the rear axle makes this a sway bar a snap to install.

Ideally suited for pairing with our Mazda 2 front sway bar and a set of Racing Beat suspension springs, the addition of a set of sway bars to your Mazda 2 is a time-proven method to noticably improve the cornering power of your vehicle.

Important Note:  It is highly recommended that this Rear Sway Bar be used in conjunction with a stronger-than-stock Front Swar Bar:  failure to do so will likely cause this Rear Sway Bar to be overloaded and lead to failure/breakage of the Rear Sway Bar.

Made in the USAMade in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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