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2006-2017 Mazda MX-5 Performance Parts

Miata MX-5

Racing Beat has been at the heart Mazda performance since our inception in 1971. The third major revision of the Miata was revealed in 2006 with the introduction of the renamed MX-5, and the current MX-5 version was revealed in 2015. Engineered and designed by Racing Beat specifically for the MX-5 application, we offer an extensive offering of engine and suspension products for Mazda's ultimate sports car. We invite you to review our online product listings and contact us any questions you may have regarding a specific component for your MX-5.


1990-97 Miata Race Exhaust

This week we’re sharing the prototype photos of the new Race Exhaust for the 1990-97 Miata. Super simple and lightweight, this muffler can be paired with either our resonated or non-resonated connecting pipe section – depending on the sound level you prefer. We’ll be receiving the production components in early summer. Once they arrive we should be able to weld these together fairly quickly. More details later!

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Posted by Jim L   May 15, 2017

New 1990-97 and 1999-2005 Miata Exhaust Coming Soon!

Miata-Race.2 Miata-Race.1We’ve been busy with two new exhaust designs for the 90-97 and 99-05 Miata applications! For those looking for a lightweight, mean-and-lean exhaust for your Miata we’ll have just what you’re looking for in the next few months. Great sounding and 100% stainless steel construction. The 90-97 Miata applications will mate this new muffler to either the Racing Beat resonated or non-resonated connecting pipe, while the 99-05 Miata application muffler will connect directly to the stock mid-pipe (shown in photo), or your choice aftermarket race pipe. We should have these available this summer, more information will be posted later.

Posted by Jim L   May 15, 2017


Can You Handle This?

Can You Handle This?

If you thought the handling of your MX-5 is great now, just wait until you install a set of performance sway bars!

MX-5 Performance Header

MX-5 Performance Header

Upgrade your exhaust system with a stainless steel exhaust header.


Power Pulse Muffler

Great sound and appearance!

MX-5 Sway Bars

Upgrade your bars for improved handling!

MX-5 Exhaust Header

Stainless steel header for all MX-5 applications.

Sport/Race MX-5 Exhaust
2016-17 MX-5

Racing Beat Sport/Race Exhaust - 2016-17 MX-5 ND The Racing Beat Sport/Race Exhaust for the MX-5 ND offers an equal-part...

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Our Price: $335.00

Exedy Lightweight Steel Flywheel
06-13 MX-5

This stunning Exedy Lightweight Steel Flywheel can be installed on all MX-5 2.0 ltr (6-speed transmission) applications ...

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Bushing Kit

Comprehensive urethane bushing kit for front and rear control arms, sway bars, differential, and steering rack.

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