Exedy Lightweight Steel Flywheel

Exedy Lightweight Steel Flywheel :: 94-05 Miata 1.8 ltr

This stunning Exedy Lightweight Steel Flywheel can be installed on all 1994-2005 Miata applications (including MazdaSpeed models) and is compatible with both Mazda OE and performance-upgrade aftermarket clutch discs. Exedy flywheels are SFI-approved for ...

Part Number: 51455
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Racing Beat Aluminum Flywheel

Racing Beat Aluminum Flywheel :: 94-05 Miata 1.8 ltr

Racing Beat Aluminum Flywheel - 1994-05 Miata Engineered and designed entirely by Racing Beat, our Aluminum Flywheel for the 1994-2005 Miata 1.8 ltr engine noticeably improves acceleration in the lower gears and makes shifting smoother by reducing the ...

Part Number: 51453
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Replacement Friction Plate

Replacement Friction Plate :: 74-92 Rotary NT/1.8 ltr Miata

The Racing Beat-manufactured Replacement Friction Plate is intended to replace a worn or damaged 225mm friction plate on all 1974-92 application non-turbo or 1994-2001 Miata 1.8 ltr Racing Beat Aluminum Flywheels only. Simply unbolt the worn or damaged ...

Part Number: 11431
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Racing Beat Flywheel Replacement Friction Plate

Racing Beat Flywheel Replacement Friction Plate :: 90-93 Miata 1.6 ltr

This Racing Beat friction plate is an exact replacement for the 1990-93 Racing Beat Aluminum Flywheel (Part No. 51452).

Part Number: 51430
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Pilot Bearing/Flywheel

Pilot Bearing/Flywheel :: 1990-2005 Miata Factory Flywheel

Racing Beat offers the genuine Mazda Factory 1990-2005 Miata Flywheel Pilot Bearing (Mazda P/N F801-11-303), intended for installation on all MAZDA 1990-2005 Miata OEM stock flywheels. Note:  This Mazda OEM Miata flywheel pilot bearing is not ...

Part Number: F801-11-303
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Clutch Slave Cylinder
1990-05 Miata

Clutch Slave Cylinder - 1990-2005 Miata Exedy SC825 If you're noticing that your clutch will not engage or disengage...

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Power Pulse Miata Muffler
99-05 Miata

Racing Beat Power Pulse Muffler 1999-2005 Miata (All) - Except 1999-03 Miata equipped with Auto Transmission The heart ...

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Miata Header
94-97 Miata

Racing Beat Headers for the 1994-1997 Miata (manual transmission only) are the result of exhaustive research and ...

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