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Tokico Illumina Shock - Rear
99-05 Miata

RB Part Number: 54024


Price: $220.00


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Tokico Illumina Shock - Rear
99-05 Miata

Tokico's Illumina Series (BU-3589) for the 1999-2005 Miata (excluding ABS equipped cars*) continues to an excellent choice for a replacement shock for the Miata owner looking for a noticeable improvement in handling and ride quality. The heart of the HP shock is a multi-stage variable aperture valve system with precision plates and precise orifice control. This valving is optimized to minimize low speed damping force and greatly increasing damping at medium and high piston speeds for improved tire adhesion and handling.

Tokico is one of Mazda's OEM suppliers and one of the world's largest manufacturers of shock absorbers for both original and high performance applications. Tokico offers the Miata enthusiast the option of either the Illumina series - externally adjustable shocks, or the standard HP series - non-adjustable shocks.

Tokico's Illumina is a 5-position externally adjustable strut, allowing drivers to change balance, overall handling, or ride quality. For the 1999-2005 Miata rear application only, Tokico incorporated a shock body mounted adjustment dial similar to the KYB adjustable design. Adjustments to the rear shocks can be made be either removing the rear wheels, or by lifting the rear of the car to access the adjustment dials.

Our experience with the Tokico Illumina series has shown these shocks to be a good selection when replacing old worn units, or upgrading from a standard touring shock. Improvements in compression and rebound were noted for both street driving and spirited mountain-road excursions, with noticeable improvement in weight transfer during aggressive driving.

These shocks can be used with either the stock Miata springs, or a set of aftermarket lowering springs. (If installing a set of new shocks and lowering springs, expect a significant increase in ride "firmness" as compared to your old, tired spring/shock combination.) If ride stiffness is a concern, you want to forgo upgrading to performance springs at this time.

*This part number applies to all 1999-2005 Miatas (excluding ABS equipped cars). While these shocks can be installed correctly on an ABS equipped car, the Tokico and KYB shocks lack a mounting position for the ABS sensor line on the shock body.

Price listed is for one (1) Illumina shock.

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