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Bargain Bin - Close Out!
Miata Seat Covers - 1996-97

Part Number: BB37650-43V05V

Reg. Price: $355.00
Sale Price: $275.00


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Bargain Bin - Close Out!
Miata Seat Covers - 1996-97

Miata Seat Cover (Set - includes driver and passenger seat covers)
1996-97 Miata w/headrest speakers

Only one (1) complete set at this price.

Actual seat covers shown.

Free Shipping - Price includes shipping to continental US destination.

These made-to-order seat covers were a return due to a "I changed my mind" buying decision on behalf of a customer. These covers are brand-new and feature Spice Tan vinyl sides/backs and Black vinyl seat inserts. The black material REALLY looks great on this application, the two-tone color pattern provides a striking appearance to an otherwise "pumpkin" colored Miata interior. Offered at a great price, and shipping is included!!

The kit includes two (2) upper sections, two (2) lower seat sections, and a hardware kit. This is a complete, ready-to-install PAIR!

Seat covers tend to look awful when photographed uninstalled, many of the creases and folds in the photos should smooth themselves out once stretched and installed over the seat frame.These covers feature perforated headrests for use on Miatas equipped with headrest speakers, heck, even if you don't have speakers the holes just tend to look "natural" on the headrests.

Here's the link for the original "non-bargain bin" version for more specifics on specifications of these covers:

Miata Seat Covers - 1996-97 Custom Materials


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