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Clutch Master Cylinder
2006-14 MX-5 NC

RB Part Number: 52620


Reg. Price: $28.03
Sale Price: $22.88


Clutch Master Cylinder - 2006-14 MX-5 NC - Detail 1

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Clutch Master Cylinder
2006-14 MX-5 NC

Clutch Master Cylinder - 2006-2014 Miata
Exedy MC575

As your Miata has gotten older and the miles have increased, it's probably time to consider replacing your clutch master cylinder. With age the internal rubber seals and O-rings will begin to fail, preventing the piston rod from funcition as intended. If you're replacing your clutch disc and have the transmission removed from your Miata, now would be an ideal time to replace both the master cylinder and slave cylinder. These parts are produced today in such mass quantities that the cost to replace each component is extremely resonable.

Since Racing Beat is an Exedy dealer and we buy direct, we offer the Exedy rclutch replacement components in our line-up. With so many cheap, overseas replacment parts on the market, we strongly suggest you avoid hassles with an unknown brand and stick with a quality part. 

Part photos were taken from the Exedy website and may not be the exact parts as shown.

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