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Clutch Slave Cylinder
2006-14 MX-5 NC

RB Part Number: 52621


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Clutch Slave Cylinder
2006-14 MX-5 NC

Clutch Slave Cylinder - 2006-14 MX-5 NC
Exedy SC908

If you're noticing that your clutch will not engage or disengage and/or you're loosing clutch fluid from the master reservoir, there's a good chance that it's time to replace the clutch slave cylinder. Locate the slave cylinder near the front-right side of the Miata transmission, and if you can feel or see fluid in or around the rubber boot, than the seals within the slave cylinder have simply worn out.

In years past is was common to remove and rebuild clutch cylinders using a gasket and O-ring rebuild kit, but these components are produced today in such mass quantities that the cost to just replace each component is extremely resonable.Why bother with rebuilding? Since Racing Beat is an Exedy dealer and we buy direct, we offer the Exedy clutch replacement components in our line-up. With so many cheap, overseas replacement parts on the market, we strongly suggest you avoid hassles with an unknown brand and stick with a quality part. 

If you're replacing your clutch disc or flywheel and have the transmission removed from your Miata, now would be an ideal time to replace both the master and slave cylinders. Install both cylinders at the same time and you'll only need to bleed the hydraulic system once! 

Part photos were taken from the Exedy website and may not be the exact parts as shown.

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