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MX-5 Miata Header
06-13 MX-5 *

Part Number: 56010

Price: $455.00


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MX-5 Miata Header
06-13 MX-5 *

MX-5 Miata Racing Beat Race Header (Manual & Auto Trans Models) - Upgrading your exhaust system with a high efficiency MX-5 exhaust header is a time-proven method to improve the gas flow from your engine. Although modern exhaust manifolds have improved dramatically over the years, and may in fact resemble a traditional header in shape, testing has proven that performance improvements can be obtained with continued refinement of the exhaust manifold design. While the automotive aftermarket might we focusing their efforts solely on performance improvements, the OE manufacturers must combine performance, emissions, sound level limitations, and extended durability factors in their designs. While these parameters are also of concern to the aftermarket, our primary focus directed to maximizing performance.

The Racing Beat MX-5 exhaust header that we offer was initially developed by the request of Mazda's R&D team for inclusion on a early prototype MX-5 which was to be introduced prior to the general release of the vehicle. This showcase MX-5 was displayed at car shows during the introduction phase of the then new 2006 MX-5 at various shows and events around the US. (You may remember this MX-5 with its distinctive "green and orange" 787B Le Mans color scheme.)

Manufactured entirely from 304-stainless steel to provide both outstanding durability and a stunning appearance, the Racing Beat 4-to-1 configured header is designed to offer the MX-5 owner noticeable performance gains. Our exclusive, cast stainless-steel engine-to-header flange features specially designed exhaust ports that transition smoothly to the primary tubing. Large diameter 1.7" OD tubing has been used for the primary tubing, collecting into a specially configured collector assembly. Exhaust gas exits the header through an genuine Mazda OEM stainless-steel rear flange, mating to the factory connecting pipe section.


Development & Tuning
Developed in-house by Racing Beat, this MX-5 header underwent several on-chassis dyno test tuning sessions to determine specific tubing lengths, collector configurations, and optimum tubing positions. For dyno result information, visit this link (PDF). For race applications, combine the Racing Beat header with a Race Connecting Pipe (with presilencer unit) for additional performance. For dyno result information for the header and race connecting pipe section, visit this link (PDF).

The installation of a header on a federal or California emissions equipped MX-5 requires the removal of the primary catalytic converter unit. However, the secondary catalytic converter incorporated into the mid-pipe section (aft of the header section) is retained. Since a factory-placed catalytic converter is being removed by the install of this component, this race header is NOT considered emissions legal for street use. Both primary and secondary oxygen sensors are retained and are relocated into the header outlet collector. (Although this configuration will not affect engine performance, it is possible that this configuration will trigger an error code with the OBDII system and illuminate the "check engine light" on the vehicle.) To avoid this from occurring, we offer an optional Race Header Wiring Kit that relocates the secondary oxygen sensor.

Each MX-5 header kit comes complete with detailed installation instructions and a plug-in OEM style electrical extension wire for the repositioning of the primary oxygen sensor. The stock engine-to-header gasket can be reused if there are no visible signs of distress or wear. (Mazda utilizes a heavy-duty metal gasket, which we have found can be reused several times.)


* Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.
  What does this mean? Click Frequently Asked Questions About Emission Laws And Regulations.

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