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Sport/Race MX-5 Exhaust
2016-19 MX-5 - non Brembo equipped

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Sport/Race MX-5 Exhaust - 2016-19 MX-5 - non Brembo equipped - Detail 1Sport/Race MX-5 Exhaust - 2016-19 MX-5 - non Brembo equipped - Detail 2Sport/Race MX-5 Exhaust - 2016-19 MX-5 - non Brembo equipped - Detail 3

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Sport/Race MX-5 Exhaust
2016-19 MX-5 - non Brembo equipped

Racing Beat Sport/Race Exhaust - 2016-19 MX-5 ND
(execpt Club - Brembo/Appearance Package equipped models)

Late Fall 2018: We've recently discovered that the rear diffuser/bumper skirt on the Brembo/BBS package MX-5 requires a slight repositioning of the muffler tip(s) on our exhaust to provide acceptable clearance. We currently reconfiguring the tip position for this specific application. We'll have an update in the coming weeks

The Racing Beat Sport/Race Exhaust for the MX-5 ND offers an equal-part combination of enthusiastic fun and rebellious spirit. For over 25 years Racing Beat has been developing and providing sport-tuned exhaust systems for the Miata/MX-5 application. Racing Beat exhaust components have been recognized by the aftermarket community as high-quality, great sounding, and beautifully-crafted performance upgrades for the Miata. Many of Racing Beat's exhaust components have debuted on Mazda's SEMA Show vehicles, making a statement to Racing Beat's name as a provider of high-quality and proven products.

Sport Tuned Simplicity
Inspired to encompass the true MX-5 driving experience, the Racing Beat Sport/Race Exhaust has been designed to provide an aggressive and exciting exhaust note throughout the entire RPM range. No mechanical gimmicks, valves, tip inserts, etc.. are needed to unleash or dampen the character of the Racing Beat Sport/Race Exhaust; this exhaust will appeal to the true MX-5 motoring enthusiast. True to the ideals of racing principles, we've stripped this exhaust down to only the most critical elements in an attempt to strip away unwanted excess weight.


Produced in Racing Beat's California manufacturing facility, the Sport/Race Exhaust features a MX-5-designed 304-stainless steel muffler canister, inlet and outlet tubing, single-wall tip (with etched Racing Beat logo), attachment hangers, and connecting flange. The muffler canister utilized features a straight-through design for optimum exhaust gas flow and includes a combination of stainless steel and high-temperature ceramic wool packing material for sound absorption. Racing Beat incorporated a Mazda-OE mounting flange on the inlet end of the exhaust to securely capture, retain and seal the stock donut-shaped swivel gasket. The stock mounting studs and retaining springs are retained for use with Racing Beat exhaust.

Weight Savings
Stock system = 20.5 lbs
Racing Beat Race Muffler = 13.75 lbs
This is a 33% reduction in weight over the stock system!

Hanger Assemblies – Keeping it Light
In keeping with the emphasis on the lightweight aspect of the MX-5 ND design principles, Racing Beat adopted a unique approach to the development of the extensive hanger assemblies that were required for this muffler. The ½” OD hangers on the stock MX-5 muffler posed an interesting challenge, if we used ½” OD hanger rod material for the Racing Beat hangers, these hanger assemblies would prove to be unnecessarily heavy. As an alternative, we used lighter 5/16” OD rod material for the lengthy hanger assemblies, and designed a unique ½” OD forged end hanger, which we then mated to the outlet end of each hanger assembly. The design of this hanger end ensures a secure "no slip" attachment with the stock rubber muffler hangers to prevent lateral movement of the exhaust during hard cornering.

Sound Level Testing Results:
Extensive testing and evaluation produced the following comparative results:

Static - No Load Test
Stock Muffler: 81 db (3000 RPM - static), 92 db (5000 RPM - Static)
Racing Beat Sport/Race: 83 db (3000 RPM - static), 93 db (5000 RPM - Static)

Measurements reordered at the rear of the car, 18" aft @ 45 degree angle.

On road testing:
Average city driving produced the following result ranges as measured from within the cabin:

Stock Muffler:
1st-3rd gear city driving (0-40 MPH):
Top/Up, Windows/Up: 65-75 db
Top/Up, Windows/Down: 75-81 db
Top/Down: 75-81 db

Cruising: 5th gear (50MPH @ 2800RPM)
Top/Up, Windows/Up: 73-75 db
Top/Up, Windows/Down: 78-80 db
Top/Down: 81-82 db

Racing Beat Sport/Race Exhaust
1st-3rd gear city driving:
Top/Up, Windows/Up: 75-83 db
Top/Up, Windows/Down: 75-83 db
Top/Down: 75-81 db

Cruising: 5th gear (50MPH @ 2800RPM)
Top/Up, Windows/Up: 74-75 db
Top/Up, Windows/Down: 79-80 db
Top/Down: 81-82 db

On-road Evaluation
The Racing Beat Sport/Race Exhaust produces a tone that is noticeably louder and deeper than the stock system. The increased exhaust note is most pronounced during acceleration, increasing in volume at higher RPMs and engine load. As with most aftermarket exhaust systems, the driver can modulate the sound level depending on driving style - a more aggressive driving style produces a more aggressive tone, a more reserved driving style suppresses the exhaust tone. As with many exhaust notes, low RPM frequencies can be more pronounced in the 2000-1500 RPM range (especially noted in 2nd gear "parking lot" deceleration). The OE exhaust systems are particularly good at suppressing these low frequency tones, but as compared with an aftermarket system they can be restrictive in their exhaust gas flow design and overly conservative in sound level suppression.

Racing Beat Final Notes
If you are looking for a deep, aggressive sounding aftermarket system for your MX-5 ND than we believe you'll truly enjoy the Racing Beat Sport/Race Exhaust. The distinctive tone is notably louder by benefit of the straight-through canister design and is best enjoyed by a MX-5 enthusiast that appreciates bringing the true character of the MX-5 to life. This is not a "touring exhaust" and may not appeal to more conservative drivers and/or passengers. Perfectly suited for those that enjoy a more aggressive exhaust note, but without any harsh, raspy or obnoxious off-sounds to lessen your driving experience.


Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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