Early Rotary & 1979-85 Mazda RX-7 : Bargain Bin

Welcome to the Racing Beat Bargain Bin, here you'll find some great deals on close-out and blemished items. Some of the items are one-of-a-kind and are limited to stock on-hand, once the items is gone..it's gone! Items are typically "new" items and include old stock, blemished, dented, have chipped paint, a scratch, etc...just something that prevents us from selling it as first quality. If you have any questions regarding a part in the Bargain Bin give us a call because all sales are final and no returns.

Aluminum Alternator Pulley

Aluminum Alternator Pulley :: 71-92 Rotary Engines (All)

Single Sheave Alternator Pulley Bargain Bin: This particular pulley has a slight hazy appearance in various spots on the front and rear vertical surfaces. The belt groove appearance is normal. The difference in appearance is hard to notice unless you...

Part Number: BB11492
Reg. Price $55.00   Sale Price $45.00 Add to Cart

Rotary Header - RX-7

Rotary Header - RX-7 :: 1981-83 12A - 16010

Racing Beat RX-7 Header - 1981-83 RX-7 12A RB part number: 16010 Bargain Bin: This particular header did not recieve adequate prep by the chrome shop prior to the plating process, which resulted in inadequate adhesion of the chrome plating to the ...

Part Number: BB150
Reg. Price $305.00   Sale Price $275.00 Add to Cart

Aluminum Main Pulley - Double Sheave BLEMISH

Aluminum Main Pulley - Double Sheave BLEMISH :: 74-92 Rotary Engine (All)

Racing Beat Aluminum Double Sheave Main Drive Pulley Manufacturing Blemish When we're packaging our pulleys we always seem to discover a few that just don't make the cut from a costmetic standpoint. The lastest batch had a few with imperfect laser...

Part Number: 11472
Reg. Price $88.00   Sale Price $79.00 Add to Cart

Bargain Bin Terms and Conditions

The parts listed in the Bargain Bin are gathered from the far corners of the Racing Beat warehouse. Many of these items are prototypes, blemished products, slightly used, demos, discontinued parts, etc. While many of these items cannot be sold as new, they are all functional products. Check back for updates to this list, parts will be added when they become available.

Here are the terms and conditions for the sale of these items:

  1. Each item is offered on a first come basis. These are one-of-a-kind items and quantities are limited.
  2. Product is sold in the stated condition. Every attempt has been made to clearly state the condition of each item. Contact us for a more detailed description of the condition of the bargain product you are interested in.
  3. No returns, no refunds, no sales to Racing Beat Dealers. All sales are final. If you have a question regarding a particular part that is shown, call us prior to ordering the part at 714-779-8677.
  4. Attempts are made to keep the Bargain Bin listings current, but it is possible that a part shown may be no longer available. If you place an online order for an out-of-stock item, you will be notified via telephone or email at our earliest convenience.

Sway Bar - Front
79-85 RX-7

1979-1985 RX-7 Front Sway Bar This is the bar that started it all! Way back in the 1980's during the IMSA GTU racing...

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Our Price: $175.00

Engine Torque Brace
79-85 RX-7

The Racing Beat-designed Engine Torque Brace for the 1979-85 RX-7 substantially reduces or eliminates the shuddering ...

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Our Price: $90.00

Road Race Header 79-85
RX-7 12A

Racing Beat's Road Race Header is the first step in building a serious racing exhaust system. The engine-to-pipe ...

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Our Price: $295.00

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