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Differential Front Seal
71-82 Rotary All

Part Number: 13513.1

Price: $11.62


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Differential Front Seal
71-82 Rotary All

We have available the Mazda OEM Differential Front Seal for all 1971-82 Rotary differentials. (1 required) When replacing the pinion in any differential, it is wise to replace the pinion bearings, locknut and seal, and mandatory to change the crush tube. The parts we offer are Mazda factory parts.

Bargain Bin Terms and Conditions

The parts listed in the Bargain Bin are gathered from the far corners of the Racing Beat warehouse. Many of these items are prototypes, blemished products, slightly used, demos, discontinued parts, etc. While many of these items cannot be sold as new, they are all functional products. Check back for updates to this list, parts will be added when they become available.

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