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Bargain Bin - Close Out!
RX-7 Seat Covers 1984-85 (Except leather interior)

Part Number: BB37053-79V79E

Reg. Price: $355.00
Sale Price: $275.00


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Bargain Bin - Close Out!
RX-7 Seat Covers 1984-85 (Except leather interior)

RX-7 Seat Cover (Set - includes driver and passenger seat covers)
1984-85 RX-7 Lo-Back Seats with Headrest Covers - (except GSL-SE with leather interior)

Actual seat covers shown.Only one (1) set at this price.

Free Shipping - Price includes shipping to continental US destination.

The Racing Beat sales guys aren't quite sure why we have these Burgundy brand-new covers on our warehouse shelves. They're configured slightly different than a standard seat, these covers feature a FULL FACE Burgundy velour covering as compared with the standard "center insert" offering. Certainly nothing wrong with this approach, just more soft, fluffy velour to cushion your backside and shoulders than than the standard vinyl version. They look awesome and are in perfect "as new condition"...offered at a great price and shipping is included!!

We REALLY need to clear these out of the warehouse, this is a great price for TWO complete seat covers for your RX-7. Hurry while you can, first come, first served with the Bargain Bin!

Seat covers tend to look awful when photographed uninstalled (especially velour material), many of the creases and folds in the photos should smooth themselves out once stretched and installed over the seat frame. We've included actual photos of both the front and back so you can get an idea of how much vinyl is used, basically, any part of the seat that touches you is covered in velour, and the rest is covered in vinyl.

Here's the link for the original "non-bargain bin" version for more specifics on specifications of these covers:

RX-7 Seat Covers - 1984-85 Custom Materials


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