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Motec ECU Systems

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Motec ECU Systems

Racing Beat-Configured Motec ECU Systems

Anyone who has studied engine management systems for the first time is soon overwhelmed by the number of choices - ECUs, injectors, sensors, ignitions, pumps, etc. - and the complexity of the software configuration necessary to make these components successfully work together well. Our intention is to "standardize" these items as much as possible by offering a "package" of components and settings that we have proven work well together.

For many years we've noted just how difficult it has been for the rotary enthusiast to make the conversion from a carburetor set-up to a fuel injected configuration. Although there are many available engine management components available from a number of suppliers, technical support for the rotary engine enthusiast has been rather limited. Racing Beat has attempted to take much of the "mystery" out of the selection process and offers a complete, customized package system that is fully integrated for your specific engine, while minimizing your initial start-up tuning efforts, reducing costs, and saving valuable time.

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