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Engine Rebuild Kit
81-85 RX-7 12A

Part Number: 30011

Price: $1,520.00


Engine Rebuild Kit - 81-85 RX-7 12A - Detail 1Engine Rebuild Kit - 81-85 RX-7 12A - Detail 2

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Engine Rebuild Kit
81-85 RX-7 12A


Racing Beat offers a complete rebuild kit for use on all 1981-85 12A engines. Determining all of the correct components that are required to rebuild a rotary engine can be a time consuming task. Forget or over look just one gasket, and another trip back to your local dealer is required! Racing Beat has taken the headache out of this job by assembling all of the required components into a comprehensive and complete kit.

Each rebuild kit includes a Rotor Seal Kit which contains the following genuine MAZDA components, as required: Apex seals and springs, side seals and springs, corner seals and springs, complete rotor oil seals with O-rings and springs, and front and rear main seals. (Rotor shown in photo is not included.) Also included is a Complete Gasket and O-Ring Kit which contains, as required: rotor housing seals, intake manifold and exhaust manifold gaskets, complete O-ring kit, accessory gaskets, and much more. The gasket and O-ring kit will vary from application-to-application as to the exact components included - see PDF listing above for included components.

Racing Beat customers will recognize a significant savings over the Mazda Dealer prices, compare and save! Don't waste your time attempting to figure out all the various components required for your engine, purchase this kit and spend the time getting your engine up and running again! 

This kit includes the following items:

81-85 12A Rebuild Kit Quantity Mazda Part #
Apex Seals 6 N201-11-300B
Apex Seal Springs 6 1011-11-304B
Corner Seals 12 N225-11-321
Corner Seal Springs 12 1202-11-323A
Side Seals 12 1011-23-151A
Corner Seal Plug 12 N201-11-322
Side Seal Springs 12 0820-11-317
Oil Seals (Inner/Outer) 4 8871-23-180
O-Ring Seal (Inner) 4 0820-11-341
O-Ring Seal (Outer) 4 8341-11-343
Oil Seal Spring -Front Inner 2 1011-11-351
Oil Seal Spring -Front Outer 2 1011-11-353A
Oil Seal Spring -Rear Inner 2 1011-11-361
Oil Seal Spring -Rear Outer 2 1011-11-363A
Oil Seal - Front Cover 1 0820-10-605
Oil Seal - Rear Stationary Gear 1 1668-10-556A
Complete Gasket & O-Ring Kit 1 Kit N231-89-100


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