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Aluminum Rear Side Housing
20B 3-Rotor Engines *

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Aluminum Rear Side Housing
20B 3-Rotor Engines *

Flame Sprayed Aluminum Rear Side Housings 20B - Racing Beat Exclusive - We offer a series of Aircraft Grade A356 aluminum alloy side housings to replace many of the heavier, cast iron stock assemblies found on all 1974 and later 12A, 13B, 20B, and 13G engines. Our housings offer both the obvious advantage of significant weight savings and greatly increased wear resistance, even under high horsepower demands. Furthermore, these housings can be used in conjunction with the stock cast iron housings, as budgets and applications dictate.

As an example of the significant weight savings: a stock, intermediate housing on a 1993 13B turbo engine weighs 25.9 pounds, while the Racing Beat aluminum replacement weighs just 10.5 pounds, nearly a 60 percent weight savings. The stock rear housing on this same engine weighs 25.8 pounds, while the Racing Beat aluminum replacement weighs just 13 pounds, again a savings of nearly 50 percent.

After each aluminum housing is cast, using A356 Aircraft Alloy, it is heat treated to "T-6" hardness and then CNC-machined prior to being flame-sprayed and ground to a final finish. The greatly increased wear resistance is the result of this aerospace originated flame spray (or plasma spray) process that imbeds into the wear surfaces a proprietary carbide material whose durability greatly exceeds that of the nitride surface found on the stock cast iron housings.

During development testing, and the subsequent application of these housings in very high horsepower, turbocharged engines, it was not uncommon to find no measurable wear on these housings. We have found the flame spraying process to be so effective that we utilize the process on stock side housings with the same excellent results.

The Flame Sprayed Aluminum housings are offered in a variety of combinations:
1) with machined water jacket O-ring grooves for the 1986-95 engine applications or without these grooves for the 1974-85 engine applications; 2) with side ports* (based on the 1993 porting configuration) or without side intake ports for peripheral port applications; and, 3) either top or side starter positioning (20B application). 6-Port configured housings are not offered.

The intermediate housing we offer provides additional material for machining of fuel injector sockets should your application require such a feature. While our rear housing has no provision for an oil pressure regulator, you have the option of mounting a stock Mazda regulator in the side of the oil pan (wet sump) or using the internal oil pressure regulator typically included in most dry sump pumps.

*Note - The housings "as cast" are for peripheral port applications. If you desire Racing Beat to Street Port, Bridge Port, or J-Bridge Port your housing(s), us for details on porting configurations available.

These housing are fabricated to your exact specifications. Contact Racing Beat for ordering information at (714) 779-8677. Exact pricing can be provided once the engine specifications are reviewed by Racing Beat. Prices on these housings are subject to change.

* Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.
  What does this mean? Click Frequently Asked Questions About Emission Laws And Regulations.
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