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 : Clutch/Pressure Plate : Exedy Clutch Kit - Stage 1 83-92 12A & 13B RX-7 Non-Turbo

Exedy Clutch Kit - Stage 1
83-92 12A & 13B RX-7 Non-Turbo

RB Part Number: 12641


Price: $295.00


Exedy Clutch Kit - Stage 1 - 83-92 12A & 13B RX-7 Non-Turbo - Detail 1

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Exedy Clutch Kit - Stage 1
83-92 12A & 13B RX-7 Non-Turbo

The EXEDY Complete RX-7 Clutch Kit Stage 1 for the 1983-92 RX-7 12A & 13B RX-7 non-turbo (EXEDY 10806) is recommended for Street or Autocross - excellent for daily-driven cars, track-days, or autocross use.

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Exedy/Daikin Clutch is one world's largest supplier of both stock OEM and performance aftermarket clutch components. This complete Exedy Stage 1 clutch kit for the RX-7 non-turbo includes a sprung hub, organic compound disc (225 mm OD), upgraded pressure plate, replacement throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and a clutch installation alignment tool. This complete kit is ideally suited for street or slightly modified RX-7's, and drivability characteristics of the organic material disc are similar to the stock clutch. Increased pressure plate clamping loads provide the necessary capacity to handle the performance demands of modified engines and spirited driving. Although pedal loads will be slightly higher because of the increased clamping load, this kit is well suited for use on daily-driven cars. All Exedy discs feature a sprung-hub center to reduce drive train shock and to ease clutch engagement.

Torque Specs (ft/lbs):
Clutch torque: 304
Torque at flywheel: 242
Torque at wheeks: 196

Clamping Load (lbs):1574
Stage I & II clutch kits have a 10-30% higher pedal effort due to the higher pressure place clampin load.

Racing Beat Note: This is a GREAT kit at a super price! If you're considering replacing your RX-7 clutch to include the optional Transmission Seal Kit 1983-88 or 1989-92 as part of your replacement package.

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