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3-Rotor Race Engine

Part Number: Engine

Price: $48,000.00


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3-Rotor Race Engine

3-Rotor Race Engine

Racing Beat currently has available for sale a very rare Peripherally Ported, Mazda Race 13G 3-Rotor engine in Racing Beat-engineered, single turbocharger configuration.

The engine is a complete Racing Beat built package producing more than 1000 bhp at 8500 RPM with approximately 21 pounds of boost. Designed to run on methanol, thereby eliminating the need for an intercooler, the race engine package incorporates an EFI Systems Engine Management System supported by a Kinsler Fuel Injection gear-rotor mechanical fuel injection pump. As prepared by Racing Beat, the engine features a complete Peterson Fluid Systems 4-stage oil scavenging assembly. Additionally, the engine utilizes an HPD water pump mounted to a Racing Beat-designed, cast aluminum front cover. These race-proven Kinsler, Peterson, and HPD components are all Gilmer belt-driven peripherals. The turbo charger selected for this package is the AirResearch T18A90 series with the M-4 compressor wheel. As equipped by Racing Beat, the turbocharger features a TIAL Waste Gate modified to minimize boost spikes.

Internally, the engine includes the following features:

- All tension bolts fully "pinned"
- Water jacket modification on all rotor housings
- Iannetti Ceramic Apex Seals 3mm
- 7.5 to 1 Low-compression ratio rotors, cast by Mazda Japan
- Exhaust manifold - Inconel 625, including all bellows.

For more information or specifications, contact Racing Beat and ask for Jim Tanner at 714-779-8677.

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