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Decal - 5-inch Round
Jim Mederer Tribute

Part Number: 35003

Price: $5.00


Decal - 5-inch Round - Jim Mederer Tribute - Detail 1Decal - 5-inch Round - Jim Mederer Tribute - Detail 2Decal - 5-inch Round - Jim Mederer Tribute - Detail 3

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Decal - 5-inch Round
Jim Mederer Tribute

Jim Mederer Tribute Decal

As a special tribute to Racing Beat's late co-founder Jim Mederer, we're proud to release this special edition commemorative vinyl decal. Jim's racing legacy with the rotary engine can be traced back to the early 70's when Mazda first started brought these unique engines to the US market. While Jim spent a great deal of time in the shop developing and testing new performance upgrades for the rotary engine, he also spent considerable time at the race track putting his efforts to the test. One item that was never far away from Jim was his unique Carroll Shelby-inspired cowboy hat. If Jim was at the track, that hat was on his head!

Fast forward ahead to 2016 SevenStock 19, Jim was presented with a celebratory banner that had been signed by 100's of Racing Beat fans and followers. The main graphic on this banner featured a decades old drawing of Jim wearing his trusty cowboy hat along side the Racing Beat IMSA GTU RX-7. Now, using this banner as inspiration, we decided to incorporate this classic graphic into a commemorative decal. 

This 3-color vinyl decal measures 5" across and can be proudly displayed on your vehicle or toolbox. Each production run of our 5" decals series have been limited to just a single run, once these are gone there is no guarantee they be printed again, grab one while they're available!

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