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Down Pipe
87-91 RX-7 TURBO II

Part Number: S16207

Price: $177.00


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Down Pipe
87-91 RX-7 TURBO II

This Down Pipe is available for custom applications in a 1987-91 RX-7 Turbo II application. This 2.5-inch down pipe fits either manual or automatic transmission equipped cars and eliminates the catalytic converter sections.

This down pipe bolts to the stock turbo, but the use of our presilencer (or a suitable replacement) is required to connect this assembly to the Y-pipe section. If you need to retain a catalytic converter in your exhaust system, you may find a suitable unit offered in the aftermarket. Although the replacement of your stock catalytic converters with a single aftermarket unit is technically NOT legal, this approach may suit your emissions needs. We suggest you contact your local emissions testing facility for more information. Gaskets sold separately.



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