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Dry Sump Kit
74-95 All

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Dry Sump Kit
74-95 All

We offer a variety of RATECH Dry Sump Kits for all 1974-95 12A, 13B and 20B engine applications. These Dry Sump Kits are intended for experienced, knowledgeable engine builders desiring an economical alternative to the more expensive Mazda Factory systems.

The benefits of a dry sump configuration include: the ability to lower the placement of the engine in the chassis; reducing oil foaming; and providing additional oil delivery under high g-force driving conditions.

As delivered, the kit includes the front cover, a cover-mounted combination scavenge and pressurization pump, pick up tubes, screens, o-rings, drive and driven gears, and an oil pressure regulator. Additionally, you have your choice of Front Covers with or without the Distributor Mounting Hole, should you elect to incorporate a front-mount crank angle sensor/pickup. The kit does not include the dry sump plate to replaced he stock oil pan; however, this item can be fabricated fairly easily.

Because of the many possible combinations of RATECH components, please call us directly for both current pricing options and availability.

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