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Tokico Strut Illumina - Rear
86-92 RX-7

RB Part Number: 14470


Price: $145.00


Tokico Strut Illumina - Rear - 86-92 RX-7 - Detail 1

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Tokico Strut Illumina - Rear
86-92 RX-7

1986-92 RX-7 Rear - Tokico IILLUMINA Strut Cartridge (BU-3633) - Tokico is one of the world's largest manufacturers of shock absorbers for both original equipment and high performance applications. Tokico offers the RX-7 owner the option of either the ILLUMINA SERIES externally adjustable struts/shocks, or the STANDARD (HP) struts/shocks. Both of these shock series utilize Tokico's Twin Tube low pressure gas design to enhance the performance potential of your RX-7, without significantly sacrificing ride quality. These Illumina shocks feature an external adjustment knob to allow fine tuning of the shocks to suit your driving style or racing requirements. Installation of these struts/shocks disables the optional Electronic Suspension Control if your vehicle is so equipped.

Price is for one (1) shock/strut.

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