1986-92 Mazda RX-7 Performance Parts : Suspension Components

Rear Suspension Camber Adjuster

Rear Suspension Camber Adjuster :: 86-92 RX-7

The Rear Suspension Camber Adjuster for the 1986-1992 RX-7 is an adjustable link that replaces the stock, fixed-length link to allow moderate rear camber changes by tilting the rear suspension subframe. The immediate range of adjustment is .60 degrees ...

Part Number: 14008
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Rear Suspension Upright Toe Eliminator

Rear Suspension Upright Toe Eliminator :: 86-92 RX-7

Rear Suspension Upright Toe Eliminator - On the 1986-92 RX-7s Mazda introduced the Dynamic Tuned Suspension System (DTSS). DTSS allows each wheel to steer by itself based on how many Gs of cornering force the outside wheel is generating. In stock form, ...

Part Number: 14050
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Front Suspension Lowering Kit - Street

Front Suspension Lowering Kit - Street :: 86-92 RX-7

The RX-7 Front Suspension Lowering Kit utilizes Racing Beat-modified Mazda OE top strut mounts to lower the front of the 1986-1992 RX-7 approximately 3/4-inch, without adversely affecting wheel travel or ride comfort. This kit is not intended for use on ...

Part Number: 14000
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Front Suspension Mount - Track/Racing

Front Suspension Mount - Track/Racing :: 86-92 RX-7 All

We offer the Mazda Competition Factory Race mount for use in high performance street and off-road racing applications. This front strut mount is dimensionally identical to the stock component, but the rubber bushing material is approximately 40% stiffer ...

Part Number: 14012
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Oil Presssure /Temperature Sensor Adapter

The Racing Beat-designed TYPE II Oil Pressure and Temperature Sensor Adapter unit is compatible with select 1971-92 12A ...

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RX-7 Flywheel - Aluminum
83-92 RX-7 Non-Turbo

Racing Beat-designed RX-7 flywheels are both engineered and manufactured by Racing Beat for a wide ...

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Rotor Muffler

Racing Beat's REV 25 Rotor Muffler - Here's a Racing Beat exclusive, a Mazda Furai-inspired rotor-shaped ...

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