1986-92 Mazda RX-7 Performance Parts : Upholstery Kits

Racing Beat is proud to offer the only fully replaceable RX-7 seat covers on the market. Not a simple slip-on type cover, these upholstery-grade RX-7 seat covers are intended to replace your old original covers and provide a like-new look for your car. Select from either RX-7 Coupe or Convertible models and choose our standard Black Vinyl Kit, or get creative and design your own color/fabric combination!

Replacement Seat Covers - Custom Colors/Material

Replacement Seat Covers - Custom Colors/Material :: 86-92 RX-7 Convertible

Here is your chance to be creative with the selection of seat colors and materials for your replacement seat covers for your RX-7. Since the seat covers for the 1988-92 RX-7 Convertible model included factory-mounted speakers in the headrests of the seats...

Our Price $383.00 More Information Part Number: 37060C

Engine Torque Brace
86-92 RX-7 Non-turbo

The Racing Beat-designed Engine Torque Brace for the 1986-92 RX-7 non-turbo substantially reduces or eliminates the ...

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Our Price: $81.00

RX-7 Flywheel - Lightweight Steel
83-92 RX-7 Non-Turbo

Racing Beat-designed RX-7 flywheels are both engineered and manufactured by Racing Beat for a wide ...

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Our Price: $301.00

Suspension Package
86-92 RX-7

Improve the handling of your 1986-92 RX-7 Coupe with a Racing Beat Suspension Package. Take advantage of our special ...

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