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Flywheel Balancing
12A & 13B Rotary Engines

Part Number: 11044

Price: $82.00

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Flywheel Balancing
12A & 13B Rotary Engines

Flywheel Balancing - This service is performed only with the complete engine balancing service and is not available separately.

If you intend your race engine to run above 8,500 RPM or if the engine is a non-standard assembly, we recommend balancing the rotating assembly. The rotating assembly includes both rotors, main pulley, front and rear counterweights, and the eccentric shaft. We also recommend balancing the pressure plate and the flywheel on the rotating assembly.

In our experience it is not necessary to re-balance a stock or mildly modified engine operating below 8,500 RPM if the rotating parts were originally intended by Mazda to be used together.

This service is performed at Racing Beat's production facility in Anaheim, California. Prices listed are for labor charges only. Return shipment freight charges are not included in the listed price.

Contact Racing Beat at (714) 779-8677 (8-5 PST) for further technical information, scheduling, turn-around times, payment methods, and shipping information.

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