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Type I Front Nose Kit

Type I Front Nose Kit :: 04-08 RX-8

Racing Beat offers our Type I Nose kit for the Mazda 2004-08 RX-8 application. Designed in Japan under the direction of Racing Beat, this nose kit offers a dramatic new look to the RX-8. Unlike previous components that we have offered for the RX-7 ...

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Fog Light Relocation Bracket

Fog Light Relocation Bracket :: For Type I Nose

This simple Fog Light Relocation Kit can be used to reposition the factory installed fog lights when installing the Racing Beat Type I Nose Kit. This bracket kit allows for secure attachment of the lights to the bumper support bar. As seen in the photo, ...

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RX-8 Type II Front Nose Kit

RX-8 Type II Front Nose Kit :: 04-08 RX-8

The Racing Beat Type II Nose was designed to offer a more aggressive appearance for the RX-8, while still maintaining the original styling cues of the stock Mazda nose. Unlike previous components that we have offered for the RX-7 applications, the design...

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Side Skirts Kit

Side Skirts Kit :: 04-08 RX-8

The Racing Beat RX-8 Side Skirts are intended to be combined with our Nose Kit and Rear Fairings to provide a narrow, attractive waistline to the RX-8. Subtle, but at the same time mildly aggressive, these skirts incorporate angular styling cues that ...

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Rear Wing

Rear Wing :: 04-09 RX-8

Add the finishing touch to the rear of your RX-8 with the Racing Beat Rear Wing. Designed by Racing Beat as a compliment to the side skirts and rear fairing kit, this wing offers an aggressive but modest appearance to the rear of any RX-8. Not ...

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Bumper Fairings

Bumper Fairings :: 04-08 RX-8

Instead of designing an entire bumper replacement for the RX-8, we opted to design a set of Rear Bumper Fairings to "finish" the look of the Side Skirt kit. A well-designed set of side skirts should integrate into the car to provide a sexy, &...

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Mazda Emblem

Mazda Emblem :: All RX-8

We offer the genuine Mazda nose emblem from the RX-8 for use on the Racing Beat Type I Nose Kit. This genuine Mazda part is intended for use on the stock RX-8 nose, but can easily be adapted to an aftermarket nose by simply "snipping" away the ...

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Clear Side Marker Lights

Clear Side Marker Lights :: 04-08 RX-8

Upgrade the appearance of your RX-8 with a pair of these "Japanese-spec" clear side marker lights. Direct from Japan, these RX-8 clear side markers are a genuine Mazda product and are fully adaptable with the original RX-8 lights. Simply unplug ...

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REN.V2 Race Pipe
04-11 RX-8

Racing Beat REN.V2 RX-8 Race Pipe Resonated Catalytic Converter Replacement Race Pipe - RX-8 owners have discovered that...

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Silicone Radiator Hose Kit
04-11 RX-8

The Racing Beat performance silicone radiator hose kit for the RX-8 is designed to withstand the harsh operating ...

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Oil Line Set
04-08 RX-8 Auto Trans (Std/Low Power)

RX-8 Oil Line Set now available for AUTO Trans models!

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