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Tokico D-Spec Shocks
04-08 RX-8

RB Part Number: 14368


Price: $895.00


Tokico D-Spec Shocks - 04-08 RX-8 - Detail 1Tokico D-Spec Shocks - 04-08 RX-8 - Detail 2Tokico D-Spec Shocks - 04-08 RX-8 - Detail 3

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Tokico D-SPEC RX-8 Shocks - DSP-14 (Sold as a complete set of 4 - springs not included) - The multi-adjustment D-SPEC shocks from Tokico offers the RX-8 owner the ultimate in suspension tuning. The internal design of the shock assembly features a sophisticated piston and valving design, combined with a unique variable-aperture bypass controlled by an adjustable slide valve.

Adjustments to the RX-8 D-SPEC shocks change both the rebound and compression damping simultaneously, with an infinite adjustment range between the soft and hard settings.

Each shock is adjustable by simply rotating the tuning sprocket on the top of the shock rod. Although the front shocks on the RX-8 can be easily reached from the engine compartment, the top of the rear shock rods are virtually impossible to reach once installed on the car. To address this issue, Tokico offers a pair of extension adjustment cables that can be attached to the top of the shocks and allows easy access adjustments from inside the trunk. For more information on these extension cables, visit this link.

Installation Note: We offer complete instructions on how to remove and replace the shocks and springs on the RX-8, see the PDF links above for complete details. During the installation of these shocks it is critically important to follow the torque specs provided in the Tokico Installation Guide Sheet. We've provided a copy of this important information for your review.

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