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The heart of any performance exhaust system is the muffler section.

Although the rotary engine can produce an impressive amount of power, it can also produce an impressive amount of exhaust noise! Some of the biggest power gains that were uncovered for the early rotary engine applications were from "opening up" the exhaust systems, adding restrictive presilencers and mufflers back into the system would only negate these new-found performance gains. Furthermore, early attempts to use components that were originally designed for use on reciprocating engines, quickly failed on the rotary application due to the extreme heat produced by this engine. When selecting exhaust components for your rotary application, use components that have been specifically designed for use for the rotary engine.

We have found that the use of a heavy-walled tubing material offers superior noise reduction qualities. We STRONGLY ADVISE against the installation of fiberglass filled mufflers. Repeated exposure to a rotary engine’s hot exhaust gases will melt the fiberglass packing quickly, increase exhaust noise substantially, and cause you frequent replacement headaches.

The use of a presilencer unit in the exhaust system will aid the main muffler with sound suppression. A presilencer unit typically smaller in size than a muffler and is intended to be placed under the mid-section of the car. Typical diameters of a presilencer can vary, but the Racing Beat units that we offer are 4"OD and vary in length. The Racing Beat Power Pulse™ Presilencers we manufacture allow a substantial reduction in high frequency and metallic noise, with no reduction in power. This presilencer can be installed in virtually any exhaust system configuration that uses headers. If you are using a long primary system, two presilencers will be required.


Presilencer units are commonly placed after a header or catalytic replacement pipe (down pipe), and mate to the stock connecting pipe or Y-pipe. For use on a 1984-88 13B 6-Port application, the Racing Beat presilencer units include a backpressure pickup tube that will allow for the correct operation for the auxiliary intake ports on the engine. Without this critical feature, your intake will not operate correctly and a noticeable loss of high end power will result.

For non-turbo engines in street use, one of the few main mufflers we have found that will withstand the rotary engine’s exhaust temperatures other than the stock mufflers are our low-restriction Power Pulse™ Main Mufflers. If the mufflers are used with headers only - with no Power Pulse™ Presilencer - the result is a very loud exhaust noise level. Therefore, a Power Pulse™ Presilencer is always recommended as an integral part of any high performance exhaust system.

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Racing Beat Presilencer
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