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Power Pulse Exhaust
2013-2024 CX-5 Skyactiv

Part Number: 75202

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Power Pulse Exhaust - 2013-2024 CX-5 Skyactiv  - Detail 1Power Pulse Exhaust - 2013-2024 CX-5 Skyactiv  - Detail 2Power Pulse Exhaust - 2013-2024 CX-5 Skyactiv  - Detail 3

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Power Pulse Exhaust
2013-2024 CX-5 Skyactiv

Racing Beat CX-5 Dyno Sessions

Click here to review the dyno results. Dyno results are for Stock, Open Exhaust (no muffler), and Racing Beat Exhaust.

Racing Beat CX-5 Exhaust



CX-5 Exhaust
2013-2024 CX-5 2.0/2.5/2.5L Turbo* Engines - 2WD/4WD

The Racing Beat exhaust for the Mazda CX-5 is an ideal upgrade for the CX-5 owner looking to add a bit more sporting tone and attitude to their driving experience. Racing Beat's CX-5 systems were originally designed for Mazda's roll-out of the CX-5 at both the 2012 SEMA and LA Auto shows. These design-concept CX-5 models each prominently featured a Racing Beat stainless dual outlet on both the CX-5 180 (blue) and CX-5 Urban (flat black) models.



Engineered and developed in-house by Racing Beat, our CX-5 exhaust components are produced using only 304-stainless steel materials; then polished to a brilliant shine for an outstanding appearance . Each muffler unit is an easy-to-install rear muffler assembly and can be readily installed by any weekend mechanic using only simple hand tools! All required mounting hardware is included. 



Mazda included a non-removable catalytic converter unit in the mid-pipe section of the vehicle that unfortunately prevents the easy installation of a true "bolt-on, cat-back" exhaust system. The Racing Beat CX-5 muffler section attaches directly to the outlet of the stock mid-pipe section using a Mazda OE mounting flange and utilizes the original hanger mounting positions. The Racing Beat CX-5 exhaust is 50-state emissions compliant.

All Racing Beat exhaust components are tuned in-house to provide a balance of tone quality and aggressive spirit. The CX-5 exhaust has been developed for use on the Skyactiv engine and produces a very deep, low exhaust note - without any harsh, buzzy, or droning sounds. Whether driving in-town or on the highway, the Racing Beat exhaust system produces an ideal tone to match the personality of the fun-to-drive and sporty CX-5!

RB Driving Notes: The lower video of the Racing Beat CX-5 Exhaust was taken with a GoPro camera placed approximately 3' behind the car. The audio in the video reflects the deep tone of the Racing Beat exhaust note at the rear of the vehicle, but the sound inside the cabin of the CX-5 is more subdued and is definitely never too loud or overbearing. Part of the Skyactiv fuel economy strategy is to utilize automatic transmission shift patterns around the 2200 RPM range, which aids in improved fuel economy while also keeping the exhaust note at a modest level. Causal driving after the installation of the Racing Beat exhaust produced a very pleasing exhaust note during normal acceleration, but the exhaust note comes alive with a more aggressive tone when the engine downshifts and higher RPMs are achieved during hard acceleration, passing, etc..

Fitting Notes: Trailer Hitch
The Racing Beat Exhaust for the CX-5 is compatible with the Mazda OEM (Mazda part number: 0000-8E-R01 thru R06), Curt and Draw-Tite tow hitches. 

With regards to other aftermarket hitch assemblies, while we've noted that the Racing Beat CX-5 muffler canister is actually smaller in both width and length as compared to the stock muffler, the variations in design and placement of the attachment arms of other aftermarket hitch assemblies may present fitting issues with the larger diameter muffler outlet pipes on the RB muffler. (This not to say the RB mufffler is not compatible with other brands of aftermarket hitches, we've just not had the opportunity to test fit our muffler with these other brands.)

Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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