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Hawk HPS Brake Pads - Rear
04-05 Mazda 3

RB Part Number: 71453


Price: $126.89


Hawk HPS Brake Pads - Rear - 04-05 Mazda 3 - Detail 1Hawk HPS Brake Pads - Rear - 04-05 Mazda 3 - Detail 2Hawk HPS Brake Pads - Rear - 04-05 Mazda 3 - Detail 3

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Hawk HPS Brake Pads - Rear
04-05 Mazda 3

Hawk HPS Brake Pads - 2004-05 Mazda 3 - Rear Set (HB 571F.605) - We offer Hawk Brake streetable and race-application brake pads for a variety of applications. Hawk Brake's Ferro-Carbon semi-metallic brake pad compounds offer high torque, low wear, and excellent rotor life, while exhibiting predictable performance under a wide range of temperatures. For complete information about the Hawk Performance Brakes product line, follow this link to their corporate site.

These Hawk pads for the Mazda 3 rear application include a BACK PLATE RETENTION CLIP feature (see photos above). This rather complex design was later replaced on the 2006+ Mazda 3 with a more simple TOP CLIP retention spring. Mazda has since discontinued the back plate design and has replaced them for use on the 04-05 Mazda applications with the top clip version.  If your Mazda 3 is equipped with the back plate clip design, we recommend you use this design while they're still offered by Hawk as they offer slightly better ease-of-installation.

Installation Tip
When installing these pads the use of a 7mm hex socket bit is required to remove the caliper retaining bolts. Remove the parking brake cable from the caliber by rotating the spring plate with a pair of Channel-Lock type pliers.

HPS Street Compound
The Hawk HPS pads feature are an excellent street brake compound that provides an ideal upgrade over an OEM-type pad. Much improved stopping power over OEM and standard replacement pads, these pads offer low dust, low noise, minimal rotor wear, and reasonable pad wear. Well-suited for daily driving and spirited performance driving.

Hawk Street Brake Pads Hawk Racing Pads
High Performance Street (HPS)
- Very low brake dust
- High friction/torque hot or cold
- Virtually noise free
- Long rotor life
- Much improved performance over OEM Pads
- Long pad life
Racing Only - Black
- Low/medium torque compound
- Good, all purpose racing pad
- Better pedal modulation than Blue pads
- Temp range: 100-900 F
High Performance Street (HPS 5.0)
- Pushing the limits of ABS
- Minimal fade under higher temps
- High friction/torque hot or cold
- Improved pedal feel from initial pressure
- Very quiet, low noise
- Gentle on rotors
- Much improved performance over OEM Pads
- Extended pad life
Racing Only - Blue 9012
- Medium/high torque compound
- Excellent brake modulation
- #1 selling pad for SCCA
- Temp range: 250-1000 F
Street & Track - HP Plus
- Very high friction output
- Streetable pad
- Well suited for Autocross & track day events
- Modest noise and dust
- Increased rotor wear versus HPS pads!
- Can be used to drive to/from track
- Temp range: 100-800 F

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