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Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Kit
04-07 Mazda 3 -2.0/2.3

Part Number: 71501

Price: $491.00


Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Kit - 04-07 Mazda 3 -2.0/2.3 - Detail 1

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Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Kit
04-07 Mazda 3 -2.0/2.3

*Exedy Special Order - Please allow 5 business days for us to receive from Exedy if in stock*

Exedy Stage 2 Complete Clutch Kit - 2004-07 Mazda 3 (2.0/2.3L LF-DE/ L3-VE Non-turbo) - (Part number 10955) - Recommended Use: High Performance Street, Autocross, and Racing - for applications where quick shifting response is required.

Exedy/Daikin Clutch is one world's largest supplier of both stock OEM and performance aftermarket clutch components. This complete Exedy Stage 2 clutch kit for the Mazda 3 includes a 3-puck sprung-hub, cerametallic compound disc (225mm OD), upgraded pressure plate (1565 clamp load), replacement throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and a clutch installation alignment tool.

The S-Metal Clutch Disc utilizes low gravity, T5001 Carborich cerametallic material for outstanding heat dissipation and performance. Exedy cerametallic clutch discs are designed to handle the abuse of high-powered performance driving and racing applications. Cerametallic discs can handle more slippage than stock-type assemblies, which reduces slipping and fading that can be common with more "streetable" components. All Exedy discs feature sprung-hub dampening to reduce impact and shock loads.

This is a complete kit at a super price! If you are considering replacing your clutch assembly with an aftermarket kit, the Exedy components offer a super combination of performance and value.

Packaged only as a set, these components are not available separately. Photo shown may not be specific to this application.

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