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Sway Bar - Rear
2010-13 Mazda 3 2.5L/2.0L

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Sway Bar - Rear
2010-13 Mazda 3 2.5L/2.0L

Racing Beat's Mazda 3s Rear Sway Bar for the 2010-13 Sedan or 5-Door (2.5L/2.0L - Including Skyactiv) - Racing Beat-designed sway bars reduce chassis roll during cornering and increases your car's sensitivity to steering inputs, thereby improving maximum cornering power. Substantial engineering effort, select steel alloys, and precise heat-treating processes are combined to produce top performance components. All Racing Beat sway bars are finished with a distinctive, red powder coating that provides a smooth, glossy protective layer. You can be assured of many years of superior handling performance with these proven bars. As noted on our Racing Beat 2010 Mazda3s 5-door during evaluation undertaken on our local mountain roads, these bars offered a noticeable improvement in cornering speed and power combined with significant reduction in understeer.

Although similar in design to the earlier 2004-2009 rear bar, Mazda moved the bar mounting brackets further outboard on the 2010+ Mazda 3 chassis which required a slight reconfiguration of the rear bar for this later application. The diameter of the Racing Beat Mazda 3 rear sway bar for this application is 1.0625" (27mm), as compared to the stock .79" (20mm) rear bar and is 3.24 times stiffer than the stock bar. Each Mazda 3 rear sway bar is supplied with replacement urethane bushings, bar clamps, Prothane grease and installation instructions.

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