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K/N Air Filter Element
09-13 Mazda 6 - 3.7L V6

RB Part Number: 70309


Price: $49.99


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K/N Air Filter Element
09-13 Mazda 6 - 3.7L V6

Applications: 2009-13 Mazda 6 3.7L V-6 - K&N Panel Filter

For over 30 years K&N has manufactured serious air filters completely unlike traditional disposable filters. Each Mazda 6 air filter is designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted airflow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life. The secret to their success lies in the unique characteristics of the filter medium that was originally developed by K&N all those years ago in the dust, sweat and tears of desert motocross racing. During the development of a racing intake for these harsh, unforgiving conditions, they created a high flow cotton gauze air filter that was washable, reusable and built to last a lifetime!

Each Mazda 6 filter consists of four to six sheets of cotton gauze layered between two sheets of aluminum wire mesh. This media is then pleated and oiled to enhance its filtering capabilities and overall performance. The result is an air filter that allows dramatically more air into an engine, is washable and reusable, and will protect your engine for the life of your vehicle.

The Last Air Filter Your Engine Will Ever Need - Why, because K&N warranties their replacement filters for 10 years or 1 million miles. Why would they do such a thing? Because these Mazda 6 filters are engineered to last the life of your engine. They use only the highest quality materials and never compromise. Every 50,000 miles, we recommend you clean and re-oil our filter, then put it back in your engine and it will perform virtually like new. The use of the inexpensive K&N FilterCharger Kit provides all the materials required to clean and re-oil your filter element.

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