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Power Pulse Muffler
1990-97 Miata

Part Number: BB56451

Reg. Price: $414.76
Sale Price: $375.00


Power Pulse Muffler - 1990-97 Miata - Detail 1

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Power Pulse Muffler
1990-97 Miata

Power Pulse Muffler
1990-97 Miata

Barga. in Bin: Our polishing department dropped this muffler on the sales counter with a note on the end caps stating "Bargain Bin Blem" We looked and looked and asked asked, "Are you calling those very slight ripples and dimples blems??" "Yep", was the response.

Glad they're being so picky with the appearance and here's the great news, once installed on your car it will likley never be seen again! The rest of the muffler looks great, take advantage and save. Actual product shown in detail photo above. 

This muffler needs to be mated with a Racing Beat connecting pipe for correct fitting on your Miata. See below.

Designed and manufactured by Racing Beat, our Power Pulse Muffler is intended for use on all 1990-1997 Miatas. The heart of our Power Pulse Exhaust System is our polished 304-stainless steel muffler canister. This polished canister is equipped with stainless steel inlet and outlet pipes for superior durability. For maximum performance the Power Pulse Muffler features the same 2.375" OD Straight-Flow internal design configuration as our RX-7 Turbo II exhaust systems. The 3.5" OD exhaust tip is manufactured using highly polished 304-stainless steel and is slightly oval in shape to provide a perfect balance and proportional look for the Miata's rear bumper. Each tip features a etched Racing Beat logo to add the finishing touch!

Designed entirely by Racing Beat, this muffler features a internal combination of stainless steel wool and ceramic sound-deadening packing insulation to provide the optimum exhaust note for your Miata. The Power Pulse Muffler offers a deep, throaty exhaust note, without any harsh, buzzy or "droning" tones. All Racing Beat's exhaust are tuned in-house by our engineering team to produce a modest exhaust tone at low speeds, and a bit more "attitude" under full throttle acceleration. 

Easy-to-install, this muffler can be bolted to the Racing Beat Connecting Pipe in minutes using the supplied hardware kit. The muffler is "cat-back" emissions legal and meets all California sound level requirements.

As reviewed in the November 1999 issue of Import Tuner, this Power Pulse exhaust system (muffler and connecting pipe) added 3.2 horsepower to the wheels of a 1990 Miata. Combine this exhaust with a Racing Beat High Flow Air Intake for gains of up to 9 hp! Note: This muffler must be used with a Connecting Pipe (select the year for your application) for correct fitment. This muffler can only be mated to a Racing Beat connecting pipe section.

Connecting Pipe (Required)
Each Power Pulse Muffler requires the use of a Racing Beat connecting pipe section. We offer two (2) versions of this pipe: the Power Pulse Connecting Pipe, or the Sport Connecting Pipe.

The Power Pulse Connecting Pipe (Select your model year: 1990-95 or 1996-97) incorporates a presilencer to moderate the sound level to deep, throaty tone. Both the muffler canister and the presilencer are manufactured using a stainless steel perforated tube core, wrapped with stainless steel wool, and packed to capacity with a high temperature ceramic wool. This design technique allows for a low restriction, straight through design, combined with superior sound dampening characteristics.

The Power Pulse Sport Connecting Pipe (Select your model year: 1990-95 or 1996-97) is produced without the presilencer section, and offers a louder, and more robust exhaust note. While not obnoxious or buzzy, this pipe will allow the exhaust note to rise more moderately under acceleration.


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