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Streamline 3-Piece Deck Cover
90-97 Miata

Part Number: 57103

Price: $610.47


Streamline 3-Piece Deck Cover - 90-97 Miata - Detail 1Streamline 3-Piece Deck Cover - 90-97 Miata - Detail 2Streamline 3-Piece Deck Cover - 90-97 Miata - Detail 3

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Streamline 3-Piece Deck Cover
90-97 Miata

Streamline 3-Piece Deck Cover
1990-97 Miata

The original Racing Beat Streamline 3-piece Rear Deck Cover for the 1990-97 Miata, adds a clean, graceful touch and eliminates the saggy look stock vinyl cover, while reducing wind buffeting. The cover provides a "wind-blocker" benefit and reduces much of the wind buffeting that funnels down between the seats.

Our unique mounting design eliminates the need for any modifications to the chassis, thereby allowing quick installation or removal. Storm clouds appearing on the horizon? Not to worry, simply pull to the side of the road and disassemble the top into (3) pieces for storage on the rear deck shelf (with the top in the upright position) of your Miata.

Taking a long weekend trip? Before raising the top for the night, the assembled cover can also be placed inside the car for short-term storage or carried to your hotel room (storage bag for the assembled unit is not available) for easy storage.

As with all Racing Beat fiberglass parts, this unit is manufactured in the USA using hand-laid fiberglass mat, with the Racing Beat logo embossed into the center panel (90-97 version only), and is easily prepped for final painting. The cover quickly attaches to the car using the hardtop "hold-down" bolts and a snap connector just in front of the seat belt towers.

The Racing Beat Deck Cover is supplied with an easy-to-install protective rubber edge trim. (Weather strip adhesive required - see installation instructions for details.)

This cover is compatible with the Mazda factory mid-chassis brace. This cover is not compatible with any aftermarket roll bar with a rear diagonal brace.

Review a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding installation, painting, and shipping of our body components.


Made in the USAMade in the USA under license by Racing Beat, Inc.
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