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Streamline 3-Piece Deck Cover
99-05 Miata

Part Number: 57131

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Streamline 3-Piece Deck Cover
99-05 Miata

Streamline 3-Piece Deck Cover
1999-2005 Miata

This popular 3-Piece Deck Cover for the 1999-05 Miata features slightly higher "humps" than the earlier 1990-97 Miata version and also features two attractive "aero" humps to allow for clearance of the soft-top mechanism. The deck cover adds a clean, graceful touch and eliminates the saggy look stock vinyl cover, while reducing wind buffeting. The cover provides a "wind-blocker" benefit and reduces most of the wind buffeting that funnels down between the seats.

Manufactured in the USA using hand-laid fiberglass, each cover is ready for final sanding and paint preparation. The cover is securely held in place using the hard top securing bolts and tonneau cover attachment points. Our unique mounting design eliminates the need for any modifications to the chassis, thereby allowing quick installation or removal.

In a wet weather emergency, the cover can be disassembled and placed in the trunk. (Note: The basic dimensions of our deck cover have been the same since it was introduced several years ago. With each new release of the Miata, Mazda has changed the inside dimensions and design of the trunk. What was a "comfortable" fit in the 1990-97 Miata has become a "very tight" fit on the 1999-05 Miata.

Taking a long weekend trip? Before raising the top for the night, the assembled cover can be placed inside the car for short-term storage or carried to your hotel room (storage bag for the assembled unit is no longer available) for easy storage.

The Racing Beat Deck Cover is supplied with an easy-to-install protective rubber edge trim. (Weather strip adhesive required - see installation instructions for details)

This cover is not compatible with any aftermarket roll bar with a rear diagonal brace, and/or the 2004-05 Mazda factory wind blocker unit with the upright stereo speakers behind the seat headrest.

Review a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding installation, painting, and shipping of our body components.

Made in the USAMade in the USA under license by Racing Beat, Inc.
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