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Brake Line Kit - Stainless Steel
90-05 Miata

Part Number: 54520

Price: $179.00


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Brake Line Kit - Stainless Steel
90-05 Miata

Improve the braking performance of your 1990-2005 Miata by upgrading to a set of stainless steel brake lines. As your car ages, the standard rubber brake lines on your Miata will slowly deteriorate, causing a "mushy" brake feel, possible leakage, and reduced braking performance. Replacement with a set of high quality, braided stainless steel lines will restore and improve braking performance, allowing for deeper cornering with improved confidence.

We have selected the Goodridge G-Stop brake line set as our replacements for the Miata application. These brake line sets feature OEM-style fittings, 304-grade stainless steel braid, and a chemical-resistant convoluted PTEF inner tube, which combines to provide both exceptional durability and performance.

The installation of a replacement brake line set is a relatively straightforward job, simply unbolt the original lines and replace them with the lines! Once installed, the brake system must be bled to remove air from the system. Due to the critical nature of working with the braking system, we suggest this installation be undertaken only by individuals experienced with braking systems, or by an automotive repair facility.

All Goodridge brake kits are D.O.T. approved for highway use and are backed by their "Forever Guarantee".


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