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Hawk Brake Pads
01-05 Miata Sport - Rear

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Hawk Brake Pads
01-05 Miata Sport - Rear

Part Number: 54599 - Hawk Street Pads - HPS

Hawk Brake Pads - 2001-05 Miata - Rear Set HB442x.496 (Sport Brakes*) - We offer Hawk Brake streetable and race-application brake pads for a variety of applications. Hawk Brake's Ferro-Carbon semi-metallic brake pad compounds offer high torque, low wear, and excellent rotor life, while exhibiting predictable performance under a wide range of temperatures.

Fitting Information
All 1994-00 Miatas are equipped with standard (10.0" front/9.9" rear) disc brakes. For the 2001-2002 model year, Mazda offered a larger Sport brake package (10.6" front/10.9" rear) on models with factory installed 16"wheels (included on cars with the Sport Suspension package). The larger brake package is standard on all 2003-05 Miatas. If you question the size of the brakes on your car, we suggest you measure the diameter of the disc for reference.

Racing Beat offers Hawk brake compounds for select Mazda applications, see the drop down menu above for available pads for your application. All Hawk Brake Pads are packaged and sold with four (4) pads for use on either the front or rear as indicated. Actual pads not shown in photos. 

Specifications and product descriptions for common Hawk pads are as follows:

HPS - Street Compound

HPS - Street Compound (Code F)

The Hawk HPS pads feature an excellent street brake compound that provides a noticable upgrade over an OEM-type pad. Much improved stopping power over OEM and standard replacement pads, these Ferro-Carbon compound pads offer low dust, low noise, minimal rotor wear, and reasonable pad wear. Well-suited for daily driving and spirited performance driving, these pads bridge the gap between a standard replacement and a more aggressive autocross/track pad. Our #1 selling pads and used by many Racing Beat employees on their personal cars - great all-round pad for daily use.
- Temperature range - 100-500F


HPS 5.0 - Street Compound

HPS 5.0 - Street Compound (Code B)

The High Performance Street 5.0 Pads are a Ferro-Carbon compound brake pads that provide advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience for higher horsepower/heavier street vehicles. The Hawk 5.0 compound produces shorter stopping distances, improved performance and resistence to fade under heavy braking conditions, while still producing street car friendly characteristics. Pedal feedback, noise, brake torque and dust control were Hawk's performance goals with  the HPS 5.0 pads. Note: The HPS 5.0 is Hawk's "new & improved" compound, we've noted that several HPS applications are being converted, or only being introduced as the HPS 5.0 compound.
- Temperature range - 100 - 550F


HP-Plus - Autocross & Racing

HP-Plus - Autocross & Track Day (Code N)

Hawk HP Plus pads are an aggressive, "streetable" brake compound ideally suited for higher demand applications. Developed for light/moderate track day and autocross applications, these pads will take the heat of the track and get you home safely without having to change back to street pads. As with most track pads, expect modest noise, dust, rotor and pad wear when using these high friction pads. Not recommended for higher power, modified track cars.
- Temperature range - Up to 800F.


Race - Black Compound

Race Compound

Black - Medium Duty Race (Code M)
Intended for race applications only, this medium torque compound is designed to be a good, all-purpose, reasonably priced racing pad. Well-suited for Solo II and road racing applications. Can be used for rear pads, in conjunction with a higher coefficient front pad to alter brake bias, or to reduce rear lock-up. Recommended for use with Blue 9012 when split friction between front and rear axle is desired.
- Temperature range - 100-900F.


Race Compound

Race Compound

Blue 9012 (Code E)
Sports car racing and Rally applications needing medium initial bite and effectiveness. Good general purpose pad for vehicles requiring stock brake calipers. Number one selling pad in SCCA. Recommended for use with HT 10 when split friction between front and rear axle is desired. HT 10 Comound (Code S) available by special order - contact Racing Beat.


Hawk Street Brake Pads Hawk Racing Pads
High Performance Street (HPS)
- Very low brake dust
- High friction/torque hot or cold
- Virtually noise free
- Long rotor life
- Much improved performance over OEM Pads
- Long pad life
Racing Only - Black
- Low/medium torque compound
- Good, all purpose racing pad
- Better pedal modulation than Blue pads
- Temp range: 100-900 F
High Performance Street (HPS 5.0)
- Pushing the limits of ABS
- Minimal fade under higher temps
- High friction/torque hot or cold
- Improved pedal feel from initial pressure
- Very quiet, low noise
- Gentle on rotors
- Much improved performance over OEM Pads
- Extended pad life
Racing Only - Blue 9012
- Medium/high torque compound
- Excellent brake modulation
- #1 selling pad for SCCA
- Temp range: 250-1000 F
Street & Track - HP Plus
- Very high friction output
- Streetable pad
- Well suited for Autocross & track day events
- Modest noise and dust
- Increased rotor wear versus HPS pads!
- Can be used to drive to/from track
- Temp range: 100-800 F


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