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Exedy Clutch Kit
90-93 Miata

RB Part Number: 52513


Price: $260.00


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Exedy Clutch Kit
90-93 Miata

This complete Exedy Clutch Kit (10036) for all 1990-93 Miata (1.6ltr engine) includes a sprung hub, organic compound disc, pressure plate, replacement throw out bearing, pilot bearing, and a clutch installation alignment tool.

Application: Stock
After years of a hard use it's common for the surface of the Miata clutch disc to slowly wear to the point where it can no longer be engaged between the flywheel and pressure plate. Just as brake pads wear on your brake system, the organic material on the clutch disc will wear after repeated use. If you're just now replacing the clutch disc on your early 1900-93 Miata, you've certainly gotten your dollars worth from your original disc!

If you consider yourself an average driver and don't push your Miata too hard, engage the clutch gently and softly, then you'll likely be happy with this standard OE-style replacement kit. Designed by Exedy to offer easy and smooth clutch engagement, the clutch disc in this kit has been designed with OE-spec shock-absorbing engagement springs to ease the initial "bite" when the clutch pedal is released and the disc meets the surfaces of the flywheel and pressure plate. Additionally, this disc incorporates a series of wavy Marcel springs between the clutch two pads to further ease clutch engagement. As the pedal is released and the clutch disc begins to contact both the pressure plate and flywheel, these Marcel springs slightly compress to dampen the engagement. (See the side-view detail photo to view this configuration.)

Offered as a complete kit, this all inclusive Miata clutch kit is perfect for the skilled weekend mechanic, or call ahead to your mechanic and let them know you've already bought an aftermarket kit and let them do all the hard work! They'll certainly know the name Exedy/Daikin Clutch, it's one world's largest suppliers of both stock OEM and performance aftermarket clutch components.

Great Value
This is a complete kit at a great price! If you are considering replacing your clutch assembly with an aftermarket kit, the Exedy components offer a super combination of performance and value.

Packaged only as a set, these components are not available separately. Photo shown may not be specific to this application.

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