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Power Pulse Sport Exhaust System
96-97 Miata

Part Number: PP-SPORT-96-97

Price: $600.32


Power Pulse Sport Exhaust System - 96-97 Miata - Detail 1Power Pulse Sport Exhaust System - 96-97 Miata - Detail 2Power Pulse Sport Exhaust System - 96-97 Miata - Detail 3

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Power Pulse Sport Exhaust System
96-97 Miata

Designed and manufactured by Racing Beat, our popular Power Pulse Miata Sport Exhaust System is intended for use on all 1996-97 Miatas. This complete cat-back, bolt-on system is easy-to-install and includes all required mounting hardware. The Power Pulse Miata Exhaust System is 50-state emissions legal and meets all California sound level requirements.

Power Pulse Muffler
The heart of our Power Pulse Miata Exhaust System is our polished 304-stainless steel muffler canister. This polished canister is equipped with stainless steel inlet and outlet pipes which provides superior durability and a stunning appearance. For maximum performance the Power Pulse Miata Exhaust System features the same 2.375" OD Straight-Flow internal design configuration as our RX-7 Turbo II exhaust systems. The 3.5" OD exhaust tip is manufactured using highly polished 304-stainless steel and is slightly oval in shape to provide a perfect balance and proportional look for the Miata's rear bumper. Each tip features a etched Racing Beat logo to add the finishing touch!

Designed and tested entirely by Racing Beat, this muffler features a internal combination of stainless steel wool and ceramic sound-deadening packing insulation to provide the optimum exhaust note for your Miata. The Power Pulse Miata Exhaust System offers a deep, throaty exhaust note, without any harsh, buzzy or "droning" tones. All Racing Beat's exhaust systems are tuned in-house by our engineering team to produce a modest exhaust tone at low speeds, and a bit more "attitude" under full throttle acceleration.

1996-97 Miata - Sport Connecting Pipe
The Power Pulse Sport Miata Exhaust System features a connecting pipe section without a presilencer unit for those Miata owners looking for a more aggressive exhaust note. While not obnoxious or buzzy, this Sport Pipe section will allow the exhaust note to rise more moderately under acceleration. Constructed entirely from 304 stainless steel, this large diameter 2.375" OD connecting pipe section offers the perfect combination of performance and sound! The 1996-97 Miata Sport Pipe features a mounting fitting for the OBD-II required oxygen sensor.

As reviewed in the November 1999 issue of Import Tuner, this Power Pulse Miata exhaust system (muffler and connecting pipe) added 3.2 horsepower to the wheels of a 1990 Miata. Combine this exhaust with a Racing Beat High Flow Air Intake for gains of up to 9 hp!

Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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