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K/N Air Filter Element
99-05 Miata

RB Part Number: 55022


Price: $55.00


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K/N Air Filter Element
99-05 Miata

It's never too late to upgrade your air filter! Do the next best thing for your Miata and install a high flowing K&N panel filter upgrade (K&N 33-2676). The K&N Air Filter Element interchanges exactly with the stock paper element and offers the benefit of lasting virtually the life of your car. Don't worry about clogging our landfills with disposable paper filters, the K&N filter can be cleaned and re-used in a matter of minutes.

Yes, the filter for the 1999-05 Miata is slightly different than the earlier 1990-97 models. Some people swear they can get a 1990-97 filter to fit into the 99-05, but K&N solved the matter when they issued a new part number specifically for the newer application.

K&N filters are constructed with cotton gauze material sandwiched between fine wire screening. This beautifully crafted filter is pre-oiled and ready for installation, just drop it in place. All K&N filters come with a Million Mile Warranty, and are certified to be street legal. K&N has done an outstanding job of supplying fully detailed instructions, a service record decal, and a warranty/registration card.

By using the Recharger Kit, the filter can be cleaned, re-oiled, and reused almost indefinitely. This K&N Air Filter Element provides better air flow when dirty than either the stock paper element or the Foam Air Filter Element.

Shown above with the optional K&N Filter Recharger Kit.

Authorized K&N Filter Dealer


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K/N Recharger Kit

K/N Recharger Kit

*Unable to ship internationally* The K&N Recharger Kit (K&N 99-5000) is designed to clean and re-oil any K&N filter. A two-step process is used to clean and re-oil the filter for repeated use. Simply remove the filter element from the car,... K/N Recharger Kit

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