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High Flow Air Intake Kit
90-93 Miata

Part Number: 56500

Price: $346.50


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High Flow Air Intake Kit
90-93 Miata

Miata High Flow Air Intake - 1990-93 Miata 
A classic Miata intake and a proven performance upgrade!
1000's sold!

The Miata High Flow Air Intake Kit for the 1990-93 Miata combines the advantages of a low restriction K&N air filter with a smoother air passage into the factory air meter assembly to improve horsepower and throttle response. Designed, engineered, and manufactured entirely in the USA by Racing Beat, this handsome assembly, with its polished aluminum casting, positions the air filter cone away from the exhaust header to minimize the intake of heated air. This Miata intake kit is supplied with a genuine K&N high performance filter for excellent durability and increased performance. The Racing Beat intake and K&N Filter combination will offer many years of trouble-free performance driving. Legal for use in SCCA Production and STR classes.


Increased Power!
The installation of a performance intake is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to noticeably increase horsepower and throttle response on a Miata. The High Flow Miata Intake Kit replaces the restrictive factory air box and allows your engine to draw in a larger volume of intake air. As reviewed by Miata Magazine, "Around 3500 rpm a new pull develops that increases with the RPM. Around 5,000 the power gain is easily noticed over the factory system. The Racing Beat intake will look good under any hood with its curvy aluminum elbow, but under its good looks is a performer."


Easy Installation
Only minimal effort is required to complete the installation of this assembly and requires only the use of simple hand tools. Use of the K&N Filter Charger Kit is an inexpensive way to clean, protect and prolong the life of your air filter.

Emissions Legal
Are you concerned about keeping your car emissions legal? Is your car required to pass a tailpipe emissions test? The Racing Beat High Flow Miata Intake Kit has received an emissions exemption from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and is legal for street use. Visit this link for more information regarding Frequently Asked Questions About Emission Laws And Regulations.

For 1990-93 Miatas equipped with factory installed cruise control; it will be necessary to relocate the cruise control actuator unit. We offer a Cruise Control Relocation Kit to reposition the actuator unit.

Note: We are often asked if this air intake assembly is compatible with a specific aftermarket shock tower brace. For detailed information on the use of a shock tower brace on the Miata, visit our Shock Tower Brace Technical Information page. With the vast number of aftermarket braces available on the market, we are not certain of the compatibility of these units with our air intake. We suggest you contact the part manufacturer, dealer, club members, newsgroups, and on-line forums to determine the compatibility of various aftermarket part combinations.

CARB Exemption Decal Notice: If you currently own a Racing Beat High Flow Intake Kit and require an exemption decal for tailpipe emissions testing, follow this link for more information: How to obtain a CARB Exemption Decal from Racing Beat.


Made in the USAMade in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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