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Replacement Seat Covers - Spice Tan
96-97 Miata w/o headrest speakers

Part Number: 37651-43V

Price: $444.68


Replacement Seat Covers - Spice Tan - 96-97 Miata w/o headrest speakers - Detail 1Replacement Seat Covers - Spice Tan - 96-97 Miata w/o headrest speakers - Detail 2Replacement Seat Covers - Spice Tan - 96-97 Miata w/o headrest speakers - Detail 3

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Replacement Seat Covers - Spice Tan
96-97 Miata w/o headrest speakers

ETA is about 3-4 weeks to be produced and shipped.

Racing Beat offers a complete, true upholstery kit for your 1996-97 Miata (except 95-96 Type M with 2-piece back) seats at a great price! Not a simple slip-on cover, these full replacement covers are intended to replace the existing covers and provide a showroom-new look for your seats. Hand-crafted in the USA using heavyweight vinyl materials, these seat covers will bring new life back to the interior of your beloved Miata. Designed on the original patterns of the factory seats, these form-fitting covers will extend the life of your seats for years to come. These are not a mass-produced generic cover, each seat pair is custom produced specifically for YOUR order!

A skilled weekend mechanic or dedicated Miata enthusiast can install these covers in approximately 3-4 hours, and each kit includes all necessary tools and mounting hardware. Although some people might consider this project beyond their abilities, this project is actually not as difficult as you might think. Still think the project is beyond your abilities? Simply contact a local upholstery shop and have them provide a quote to have them install these covers.


Application: These seat covers are intended for 1996-97 Miatas that were NOT originally equipped with the factory mounted headrest speakers. (Except 95-96 Miata Type M with 2 piece seat backs.) You can also select these covers if intend to elimiate the use of the stereo headrest speakers.

Color/Material: These seat covers are produced using Spice Tan vinyl material. The Spice Tan material is a close match to the original color of the OE Miata seats and nicely compliments the various tan color variations that Mazda used for the  plastic and carpeted surfaces of the Miata interior. If you'd like to obtain a color sample prior to ordering your seats, contact us by phone or email to request a sample. We'll be glad to provide one at no charge!

Although we have attempted to located a fabric material similar to the original Mazda OE seats, we've not yet been able to successfully locate a suitable replacement material. As an alternative, if you prefer fabric material in the seat back and bottoms, you can design your own Custom Seat Covers and select from a wide range of fabric/color combinations.

Specifications: All covers are sold in pairs and are specifically designed and tailored to fit the original factory seats. Manufactured using 28 oz. fabric-backed vinyl material on all surfaces. Hand-cut and sewn per your order in the USA.

Complete Kits: These seat covers are offered as complete kits and are created so you can undertake installation yourself or provide your installer with everything they will need. Included with each kit are covers, hog-ring pliers, a supply of hog-rings, and instructions. Once the original covers are removed from the seats you may find that you need additional foam material to repair any heavily worn underlying areas. 

Delivery: Each pair of seat covers is manufactured specifically to order. Your seat covers will normally ship within 10-14 business days from the time that we receive your order. (Shipping is via Fed Ex Ground and delivery is normally 3-7 business days from date of shipping.)

Shipping/Payment: Your credit card will be charged at the time the order is placed.

Return Policy - Upholstery kits built to order and are not returnable. Please select your colors and materials carefully before placing your order. Sample color swatches will be provided upon request, please include your material and color selections in your email message along with your name and mailing address.

*Prices include shipping and handling charges to destinations in the continental United States via UPS (United Parcel Post). Shipping to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Canada will be sent via USPS (US Postal Service) and a $40.00 (US) shipping charge will be added during checkout. For all other international destinations, contact us via phone or email for a shipping quote.

Made in the USAMade in the USA under license by Racing Beat, Inc.
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