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Goodridge Brake Line Kit Brembo Package - Stainless Steel
MX-5 2016-22 ND

Part Number: 54523

Price: $170.00


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Goodridge Brake Line Kit Brembo Package - Stainless Steel
MX-5 2016-22 ND

MX-5 ND Stainless Steel Brake Line Kit
2016-2022 MX-5 ND - with Brembo equipped 

As your MX-5 ages the standard rubber brake lines on your MX-5 will slowly deteriorate, causing a mushy or soft  brake feel, possible leakage, and reduced braking performance. Replacement with a set of high quality, braided stainless steel lines will restore and improve more precise MX-5 braking performance, allowing for deeper cornering with improved confidence.

We have selected the Goodridge G-Stop brake line set as our replacements for the MX-5 application. These MX-5 brake line sets feature OEM-style fittings, 304-grade stainless steel braid, and a chemical-resistant convoluted PTEF inner tube, which combines to provide both exceptional durability and performance.

Racing Beat has established a strong working relationship with Goodridge and have also selected them as component suppliers for our rotary oil and clutch line kits. Excellent build quality and precision machining has allowed us to produce near flawless performance kits for years! While the temptation may be there to try a cheap import version, the importance of quality parts with regards to oil, brake, and clutch hydraulics components cannot be overstated. 

The installation of a replacement brake line set is a relatively straightforward job, simply unbolt the original lines and replace them with the lines! Once installed, the brake system must be bled to remove air from the system. However, due to the critical nature of working with the braking system, we suggest this installation be undertaken only by individuals experienced with braking systems, or by an automotive repair facility.

DOT Compliant
All Goodridge MX-5 brake kits are D.O.T. compliant for highway use and are backed by their "Forever Guarantee".

But have you ever wondered specifically what "DOT compliant" really means? To add to the confusion you'll sometimes see it listed as "DOT approved" or "DOT certified". Let us briefly explain. 

The US Department of Transportation has established guidelines and standards for a wide array of automotive parts, the most common to the aftermarket consumer being lights, mirrors, helmets, and brake components. In reality the DOT doesn't test, certify, or "approve" each aftermarket component, it's up to the manufacturer to use components and manufacturing methods to make certain their products meet these standards. Hence, the term "DOT compliant" is the correct term to use when being used as a marketing reference. 

So how does this apply to brake lines? Stainless steel brake line material is very strong and robust and unless of a very poor quality, should not fail. However, the potential for excessive wear does exist at a critical point - where the brake line meets the end fitting. This area of the line can become fatigued over time by a high frequency "whipping" motion that can occur under heavy, repeat braking. This critical area of a brake line is where the DOT has established guidelines to reduce and minimize the long term and hazardous effects of this whipping motion. Aftermarket manufacturers use a variety of DOT compliant methods and components in at this junction to suppress this motion, including collars, wraps, guides, etc... In some cases an aftermarket manufacturer has not considered a DOT compliant product to be worthwhile and simply produces a kit without any whip suppression. 




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