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Radiator Protective Screen
06-09 MX-5

Part Number: 51530

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Radiator Protective Screen
06-09 MX-5

Originally developed for use on the RX-8, we have adapted the Racing Beat radiator protective screen for use on the 2006 and later Mazda MX-5. Although Mazda positioned the radiator in a strategic position to allow maximum airflow, this positioning also allows potential damage from road debris!!

If you look through the large opening in the mouth of your MX-5, you will notice a radiator positioned at an approximately 45-degree angle. The positioning of this radiator left us feeling that this unit was a bit too "exposed" and we decided to design a protective screen to offer vital protection to this critical component.


Racing Beat has addressed this issue with a protective screen kit for the MX-5 application. This 304-grade stainless steel screen can be easily installed using only basic hand tools. The fine mesh screen material (.041 wire diameter which allows 63.2% open area flow through) is finished with a stainless steel frame to offer additional support and stability.


Each kit is supplied with all required mounting hardware and a set of our fully detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Made in the USAMade in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.
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