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Race Connecting Pipe w/presilencer
06-15 MX-5 *

Part Number: 56441

Price: $375.95


Race Connecting Pipe w/presilencer - 06-15 MX-5 - Detail 1

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Race Connecting Pipe w/presilencer
06-15 MX-5 *

Racing Beat MX-5 NC Competition
Race Connecting Pipe with Presilencer

The Racing Beat MX-5 NC Competition Race Connecting Pipe with Presilencer (2-piece) is intended to replace the stock mid-pipe on the MX-5, thereby eliminating the integrated secondary catalytic converter. The inclusion of the presilencer unit on the Racing Beat Competition Race Connecting Pipe moderates the MX-5 Miata exhaust note to provide an aggressive exhaust tone, with a noticeable increase in sound over the stock exhaust system. If your racing application allows a much louder-than-stock exhaust tone, we also offer our Race Connecting Pipe without the presilencer unit. For dyno result information for the Racing Beat MX-5 Header and Race Connecting Pipe unit, visit this link (PDF).


Manufactured using 16-gauge, 2.375-inch OD stainless steel tubing, this MX-5 NC race connecting pipe features mandrel bends and OEM style connecting flanges. Designed as a bolt-on component, this connecting pipe is easy to install and utilizes all existing mounting brackets and hangers.

Fitting Note
This connecting pipe section will mate to the outlet of the stock exhaust manifold or Racing Beat Header, and the inlet of the stock muffler or the Racing Beat Muffler. On international models (UK-RHD) this connecting pipe MUST be installed with a Racing Beat Header for correct fitment - this connecting pipe will not mate to the outlet of the stock exhaust manifold section due to length differences.

Gaskets Requirements:
Front - The front flange is a OEM swivel-style flange. The large original do-nut swivel gasket can be reused unless it shows signs of distress or significant wear. 
Middle - The race pipe is supplied with a gasket for use between the front and rear sections. 
Rear - The original gasket, or a gasket supplied with a Racing Beat (or comparable) muffler can be used. If needed, a replacement gasket is available separately.

Emissions Note
The stock mid-pipe does not feature an oxygen sensor after the catalytic converter. (The oxygen sensors in the MX-5 NC exhaust system are located before and after the primary catalytic converter, which is located under the stock exhaust manifold near the engine.) Therefore, installation of this race connecting pipe will not impact the OBD II system and installation of this competiton race pipe will not cause a "check engine" light to occur. However, since a factory-placed catalytic converter is being removed by the installation of this component, this race pipe is NOT legal for street use.

Sound Test Evaluation
Below is an evaluation of the sound levels of the Racing Beat Muffler (PN 56472) and competition Race Connecting Pipe (PN 56441 - with presilencer) as presented by an independent MX-5 owner that assisted with the evaluation of these components:

Vehicle: 2006 MX-5 - Manual Transmission - Racing Beat Exhaust & Competition Race Connecting Pipe with presilencer installed.

- An increase in sound level exists at lower frequencies. There is no high frequency "bark" or raspiness.

- The system should satisfy your average and slightly sensitive customers. Flat terrain with steady throttle, there is very little increase in exhaust noise.

- The only time the exhaust noise is noticeably louder (just bordering on booming) is (A.) under off-throttle deceleration, as the revs drop through the 3500-1500 rpm range, and (B.) when the engine is placed under heavy load, i.e. climbing an ascent using a gear that is too tall. When I dropped down into 4th and let the revs move up into the 4000+ rpm range, the low frequency exhaust resonance decreased, but engine noise (coming from the front of the vehicle) increased because of the higher revs.

- With the top down, the exhaust tone is generally reasonable in all conditions. The wind noise tends to offset any low frequency resonance.

* Legal in California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used upon a highway.
  What does this mean? Click Frequently Asked Questions About Emission Laws And Regulations.
Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.Assembled in the USA by Racing Beat, Inc.

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