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K/N Air Filter Element
15-17 MX-5

RB Part Number: 55025


Price: $76.00


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K/N Air Filter Element
15-17 MX-5

Maximize your dollar and upgrade your MX-5 air filter to a K&N (K&N 33-5040) unit at your first service interval. That's right, by upgrading early you are taking advantage of one the greatest benefits of the K&N filter - it's reusable time and time again! No more spending money for costly dealer replacements or making trips to the auto parts stores, the K&N element can be quickly and easily cleaned by ANY Miata owner. The K&N MX-5 Air Filter Element interchanges exactly with the stock paper element and offers the benefit of lasting virtually the life of your car. Don't worry about clogging our landfills with disposable paper filters, the K&N filter can be cleaned and re-used in a matter of minutes.

- Designed to boost horsepower and rate of acceleration
- Can be cleaned and used again
- High air flow with exceptional filtration
- Lasts up to 50,000 miles before cleaning is required depending on driving conditions
- Works with original equipment manufacturer vehicle electronics
- Emissions legal in all 50 US states
- Will NOT void vehicle warranty
- K&N's Million Mile Limited Warranty®

K&N filters are constructed with cotton gauze material sandwiched between fine wire screening. This beautifully crafted filter is pre-oiled and ready for installation, just drop it in place. All K&N filters come with a Million Mile Warranty, and are certified to be street legal. K&N has done an outstanding job of supplying fully detailed instructions, a service record decal, and a warranty/registration card.

By using the optional Recharger Kit (not included), the filter can be cleaned, re-oiled, and reused almost indefinitely. This K&N Air Filter Element provides better air flow when dirty than either the stock paper element or the Foam Air Filter Element.

Authorized K&N Filter Dealer


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