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Koni Sport Shock
16-22 MX-5 ND - Front

RB Part Number: 54054

8241-1310 sport

Price: $220.00


Koni Sport Shock - 16-22 MX-5 ND - Front - Detail 1

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Koni Sport Shock
16-22 MX-5 ND - Front

External Knob Adjusment - Koni Sport

Koni Sport Shock - MX-5 ND
We offer the Koni Sport Series (8241 1310 Sport) externally adjustable front shock absorbers for the Mazda MX-5 Miata driver desiring improved road holding and handling performance. These gas-filled twin-tube, low-pressure MX-5 Koni shocks include a large removable knob that allows for quick, simple "dialed in" adjustments. Koni's have long been a favorite of Racing Beat; we've used them on every race vehicle that we've built over the years. If you're looking for serious performance from your shocks while still maintaining a reasonable street-ride quality, place Koni at the top of your list! Backed by Koni's limited-lifetime warranty to the original purchaser against defects in workmanship for as long as you own the car and it's registered for street use.

Installation Notes
Compatible with all ND models. As mentioned above, the Koni shocks feature a lower pressure twin tube design as compared with the stock higher pressure monotube design, this will likely result in a slight lowering (approx 1/2") of the ND after installation. Take this into consideration with combining with aftermarket lowering springs. As common with earlier Miata Koni applications, you'll be required to drill out the factory 10mm bump stop washers to accept the larger Koni 12mm shock rod.

Shock Settings

What is the best adjustment setting for your new shocks? We're often asked where the "correct" position is to set your initial adjustment. We've discovered that there is no single best adjustment setting for your Koni's because every driver has different preferences for comfort and performance based upon many factors. For most vehicles, Koni suggests that new shocks be installed in the full soft position (the standard setting right out of the box) to take advantage of the balance of ride comfort and handling designed by the Koni ride development engineers. If the car has performance upgrades (springs, wheel/tire packages, etc.) or the driver wants the car a bit more aggressive, most people find the optimum setting in the 1/2 to one full turn from the full soft range.

Compatible with all MX-5 ND models, including Bilstein equipped cars.
Price listed is for one (1) Koni shock. (Koni shocks are packaged and sold in pairs only.)

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