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Suspension Spring Set
2006-08 MX-5 NC

Part Number: 54086

Price: $249.48


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Suspension Spring Set
2006-08 MX-5 NC

Racing Beat Suspension Springs
MX-5 Miata - Soft Top Model - Set of Four

Racing Beat has designed suspension coil springs for the MX-5 Miata that are suitable for street or track use. This complete set of front and rear suspension springs were designed specifically for the MX-5 Miata by Racing Beat's engineering staff. Ideally suited for use with the stock Mazda shocks the Racing Beat springs will interchange exactly with the stock springs.

These springs have been designed with a rate increase of approximately 25% (front - 145 lb/in) and 25% (rear - 112 lb/in) with a modest drop of .5-inch (front & rear) as compared with the stock springs. (Miata equipped with a manual transmission.)

Jim Mederer, Racing Beat's chief engineer, shares his design philosophy with regards to the development of suspension springs as follows. "Springs are very much a matter of opinion, I adjust ride height and spring rate based more than on any other thing, my taste. We won't excessively lower a car to obtain a "look". First the car will hit the bump rubbers far too often and that makes the car unpredictable in its handling, also it makes it harsh and it is very hard on suspension components causing them to potentially fail. We therefore make relatively small changes in ride height, usually less than 1", depending on the application. We adjust that based in part on what we perceive the best way of adjusting for good handling."

"Our primary goal in lowering the car is handling, and from our point a view, improved appearance is a side benefit. We don't lower the car for appearance, and then take what comes in handling. We are very cautious to not excessively lower the car such that it will cause perceived problems either in safety, excessive tire wear, or unreasonable changes in ride comfort."

For information on the correct method to shorten the "bump rubbers" when installing these springs, click here.(PDF)

Prices shown are for a complete set of four springs. Actual springs not shown in photos.


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